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   Chapter 43 NO.43

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Nicole Vargas

"Do you like this lingerie?" I turned around to show Ethan the red laced lingerie that I found in one of the racks in Sylvia Rhodes Boutique.

Ethan looked up from his phone and walked towards me to have a better look at it. "It's so expensive." He mumbled as he fumbled with the fabric. "I'll tear it off anyways, so why bother?But if you like it, I will not stop you from buying it Princess."

Princess. I love it when he calls me that.

I rolled my eyes at him as I put the lingerie back on the rack. "Yeah, you're right. A waste of money."

Ethan chuckled and kissed my forehead. "If you like it princess, buy it." He put his phone back in his pocket and looked at his watch. "I'll get us some dinner and dessert. You can continue shopping."

"Okay, I'll wait at the parking lot for you in an hour or so?"

"Sounds good, just give me a call okay?"

I nodded my head at him and continued shopping. I looked at the red lingerie again and picked it back from the rack. I don't care if it's expensive and he will tear it off. I'll buy it just because it's too cute to just leave it here on the rack.

Today was our last day in Australia. The last few days were a bliss. We went to Hunter Valley, that was probably my favorite from this whole trip excluding the many beautiful beaches we also visited. At Hunter Valley we went into a hot air balloon to watch the sunset (so romantic) and then we had dinner at Muse restaurant.

Another thing I enjoyed from this trip was the art and culture the city had to offer. Ethan brought me sightseeing and then he suddenly stopped at Wentworth Gallery to show me quality australian art. Even though I'm not a fan of art, I enjoyed the little tour and his constant chatterin

ike it?"

"The view, yes."

I rolled my eyes as I closed the tap, searching for a towel. "I meant the shorts. I bought it today."

"That's cute too, but I prefer you without. You know it." He gave me a wink as he washed his hands.

"Oh really?" I asked seductively as I threw the towel at him which he easily catched. "Maybe if you can catch me you can have some" I paused for a little before continuing in a whisper "...extra dessert."

His eyes darkened as he eyed me up and down before running after me. "I'll not say no to that!"

I squealed as I ran to the bedroom. Before I could close the door, Ethan grabbed my hand and held it on top of my head. Damn it. That was fast.

His mouth was inches away from mine.

"How do you want it today, princess?" He asked, his warm breath fanning in my face as his eyes darkened with lust. "Slow and Tender or Hard and fast until you can't walk?"

I licked my bottom lip and wiggled my eyebrows at him. "You know, the usual."

"Didn't expect anything else." Ethan growled before pressing his lips on mine while unbuttoning my blouse.

Slow and Tender? Ha, never.

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