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   Chapter 40 NO.40

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Nicole Vargas

Ethan stared at me agape. Totally paralyzed, his eyes bulging out of his socket. "Did you just dropped the L-bomb?"

He finally spoke up after what seemed like a decade. His chest was rising up and down rapidly and his eyes held all kinds of emotions that it was hard for me to make out what he was actually thinking.

I knew it was not a good idea.

"I-yeah I did." I answered looking down at my coffee mug that was now half empty. My fingers trembled, but I managed to hide them under my shirt.

My heart was beating rapidly in my chest, afraid of what Ethan was about to say. I should not have said it. Now I will ruin this perfect moment I have with him.

I should have waited.

But I can't. I honestly can't wait anymore.

I wanted him to know how I feel about him.

About this. About us.

I wanted him to know that I'm also here for the long run. I may have walked out of his life, but I came back.

And I think it will always be like that. No matter what, I will always come back to him. Because he is my home. My peace. My safe haven.

Ethan leaned in closer to me and tilted my chin up so I could stare right in his eyes. A small smile appeared on his face as he softly caressed my cheek. "I love you, too."

This time I was the one that was star struck. I couldn't believe what I heard and I had to blink my eyes a couple of times to assure myself that I was not dreaming

I hadn't expect him to say it so fast. I stared in complete awe at the handsome guy in front of me before leaning in further and kissing him briefly on his lips.

"I still cannot cook." I murmured against his lips as I slowly pulled away. His wa

take you out for lunch today?"

"I will call you. I have a lot to catch up with Rose." I told him as I sip on the coffee.

"Rose can come along too." He said as he smoothed out his suit.

"And third wheel? I think not."

"Fine." Ethan laughed as he stood up from the bed. "What about dinner?"

"Dinner sounds better." I told him with a smile.

Ethan nodded his head and walked over towards me, placing a soft kiss on my forehead. "It's a date then."

I bit my bottom lip to stop myself from squealing in excitement. I watch Ethan walk out of my room, but before he could close the door I called him. "Ethan!"

He turned around and raised an eyebrow up at me. "Yes?"

"Am I forgiven?" I asked quietly.

"Princess, I thought that we have already established that." He said a small chuckle rising up from his throat. "But... there are also other ways to make up for what you did."

He send me a wink and I gasp. "You dirty minded freak!" I yelled as he closed the door behind him.

I heard his laughter echo in the hallway. "Right back at you, princess!"

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