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   Chapter 39 NO. 39

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Nicole Vargas

I was soaking wet.

I stepped out of the taxi, pulling my suitcase behind me as I made my way towards the front door of the mansion.

My hair was sticky and wet and my YSL dress clung onto my body like a second skin. It was hard to walk in the pouring rain with six inch stiletto heels and legs that were shaking uncontrollably. My makeup was smudged all over my face and my false eyelashes came off in the taxi.

If only I had took one minute out of my precious time to look up the weather in New York I would have not be in this situation right now. My heels made it impossible for me to walk fast in the rain, because the tiled driveway was slippery.

When I finally reached the front door I wiped my hands on my dress and combed my sticky hair with my fingers. I grabbed a tissue out of my handbag and wiped my smudged makeup off my face. The last thing I wanted was to look like a raccoon in front of Ethan.

I took a deep breath as I closed my eyes for a millisecond, trying to calm down my nerves.

I had already prepared everything I was about to say in my head once Ethan opens the door. I was so ready to face him and win him back.

I knocked twice and waited. The sound of the rain became louder and the temperature began to drop. It was getting colder and I didn't brought a jacket with me. I shivered as I rubbed my hands together to keep myself warm

When no one opened the door, I knocked again. This time harder. I heard footsteps somewhere in the mansion and my heart started to beat faster. Suddenly the door swung open and my breath got stuck in my throat. My eyes widened as I hid my shaking hands behind my back.

In front of me stood Ethan, dressed in a loose fitting white tee and bo

nd come downstairs. I will make you coffee."

I quickly changed my clothes and dried my hair before heading to the kitchen where Ethan was waiting for me with a steaming cup of coffee.

I took a sip of it and felt my insides warm up instantly. I looked around and everything was still the same.

"What girlfriend were you talking about?" Ethan questioned as he sat next to me on the barstool.

"The one in the gossip papers?"

Ethan scoffed and put his coffee mug down. "Really? You out of everyone should know not to believe in gossips. The girl you saw me with... she is my niece."

Oh damn you, Hayden. Why was I so stupid to even listen to you?


I didn't know what to say now. A deafening silence followed. The only sound heard was from the rain splashing on the roof.

"I'm sorry that I--, " we both said simultaneously. Ethan chuckled and nodded his head at me to continue. "Ladies first."

I took a deep breath before I spoke up again. Instead of apologizing I decided to say what I wanted to say for a long time.

Three words, eight letters. Crossing my fingers and hoping that I will not scare him away.

"I love you."

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