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   Chapter 37 NO. 37

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Ethan Gray

"Florence, no! That's not how you make sushi!" I yelled at the black haired and tan skin beauty that was standing behind the kitchen island. She is making a total mess out of my beautiful kitchen by mixing all ingredients together on a bamboo mat.

"But Ethan, what are we going to eat?" She asked, pouting her plump lips as she looked at me helplessly. "I'm starving. I did not eat at the airport."

"Get dressed, we're going out." I told her as I made my way towards the kitchen island. Florence is a really great cook, but not if it comes to sushi. She totally sucks at making it. "What a waste of ingredients." I muttered as I shoved her away so I could clean the mess.

"I'm tired!" she complained as she watch me cleaning up. "Come on, make me something to eat."

"I'm not in the mood to cook today." I said tiredly as I continued to clean up the kitchen island. "Now go do what I told you to do and stop acting like a brat. I don't know why you couldn't just stay with your husband."

"And leave you here to wallow in self-pity." She scoffed rolling her eyes at me. "I think not. That girl really messed with your head." She said as she walked away.

"Hurry up, okay!" I yelled after her. I was not in the mood to wait hours and hours for her. But if it was Nicole you would not mind something inside me said. Nicole taught me that love can be a beautiful and amazing thing, but she also taught me that love can keep me up until midnight wondering what the hell I did wrong.

I miss her so much. Her smile, the way she talks, and how she's always late on every occasion. But as the saying goes. Always late but worth the wait. Nicole was worth every second of it.

The girl could shut up an entire room with her beauty and grace. A small smile made its way to my face thinking about her.

After I was done cleaning the kitchen island, Florence came downstairs in a pink sweater and black leggings. "I'm ready!" She yelled even though I was standing one feet aw

"Pray for your happiness, Ethan. We can go to church afterwards. Is there a church near your home?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know. I never go to church."

Florence scowled at me. "If I will tell your mom about this, she will whoop your ass to the moon and back."

Usually I would laugh at this, but today my mood was just somber. It has been somber since that night Nicole told me she wanted a break.

Our food arrived and we started to eat quietly. I started to think about what Florence said. I should pray for my happiness.

Since the day Nicole arrived, I have never felt lonely or sad. Frustrated maybe, because she is so goddamn infuriating but never lonely or sad.

Does that mean she's my happiness?


After our early dinner I drove Florence to the nearby church. She had googled it earlier and showed me the direction on google maps.

In the church she was the one that read out of the bible while I sat down next to her with my eyes closed.

She squeezed my hand softly and I turned my head towards her. "What?" I mumbled.

She pointed with her finger on a page in her bible and said out loud: "Ephesians 4:2 said, Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love."

She then looked up at me and smiled; "Nicole will come back. Sooner than you think."

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