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   Chapter 35 NO.35

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Nicole Vargas

"Minha filha, you look so gorgeous. Que beleza, ela n?o é Santiago?" My mother squealed as she took me into a warm embrace. Her perfume was so strong, I had to sneeze.

"She is." My dad agreed as he smiled at me. His face was beaming with pride. "We have made the most beautiful feij?o in the world."

"I'm not a bean anymore, Papai." I laughed as I hugged my mom back. She looked incredible in her white long sleeve dress. She even had her hair done. "Olá m?e, how was the flight?"

"It was horrendous. I told your dad to book us in business class, but he accidentally booked us in economy class." She huffed as she crossed her arms around her chest. She narrowed her eyes at my dad who just shrugged his shoulders in response.

"You could have upgraded to business class and what happened to the private jet?" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.

"Business class was full." My dad said. "Our airport is under construction. We cannot use it until next month."

"That sucks, but I'm glad you made it tonight." I was so happy that they could make it to my very first fashion show. Today my mom had an art exhibition and dad needed to go to Thailand for a meeting, but they all canceled it for me. I couldn't be more grateful.

"Of course." My dad laughed. "I would cancel anything for you only to see your successes."

My mom looked around the room, her eyes analyzing each and everything. "It's amazing what you have achieved in less than a year. I'm so proud of you. Where's Ethan bytheway?"

The smile on my face disappeared and the

t the model looks funnily in it." She pushed a blonde haired girl towards me who looked totally uncomfortable in the dress. Poor girl.

I let out a deep sigh and untied the dress. I carefully then tied it again, following the steps I wrote down in my sketch book. "There. Does it feel right now?" I asked her as I spun her around to face me.

The blonde nodded her head and smiled at me. "Thank you."

"Now, go stand in line. You will follow after the girl in the blue dress." I pushed her towards the stage as I continued to look around for models who needed my help.

I helped as many models I could as possible and when I was finally done, Rose ran towards me. "Nicole, it's your turn to walk on stage!" she yelled out of breath.

"My turn?"

"Yes, yes. You need to walk with the models. You are the designer after all. Hurry up." She dragged me towards the stage.

Before I could climb the stairs to the stage she held my hands and looked adoringly at me. "I'm so proud of you, Nicole."

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