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   Chapter 29 NO.29

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Nicole Vargas

"Is it safe to say that we can order takeout?" Ethan asked, as he dropped his fork down on his plate. He looked up at me and gave me an apologetic smile. "I really appreciate your effort princess. I really do, but this's just not edible."

I stayed silent as I stared down at my food. The embarrassment was real. First of all, the food was a disaster. It was horrible. Too much salt, butter. Just too much of everything. Second of all, Veronika bitch Morozov joined us for dinner. My first time and last time ever cooking and Ethan's perfect ex-girlfriend had to be here and eat my food. Third of all, Ethan just can't seem to get the hint that I want her out of this house.

I was pissed and I had all the right to dump this shit food on his head, but instead I just nodded my head at him. "Yeah, takeout sounds good."

"Great!" Veronika's shrill voice shouted as she pushed her plate away. "Honey, don't worry. I got you, the first time I ever cooked I burned the steak. This is totally natural for a first timer." She flashed me one of her million dollar smiles that I only saw in magazines.

I clenched my teeth, trying to stay the kind and happy housewife. I forced a smile and looked up at her. "Yeah, so uhm Veronika, where are you going to stay the night?"

She looked surprised at the both of us. "Is that even a question?" She asked, laughing as she rolled her eyes at me. "I will stay here of course. I told Ethan about it."

"Forgot to mention that too." Ethan said, looking guilty at me. "I'm sorry, Princess. The guest room is clean, so don't worry about that."

I narrowed my eyes at him and stood up from the table. "I feel a headache coming up. Ethan are you going to order the food? And Veronika sweetheart, can you clean up the table?" The sarcasm in my voice did not go unnoticed as I saw Ethan flinch.

"Clean up the table?" She sputtered.

I smiled at her. "Yes, it's not much and Ethan told me

night lamp to threaten him. I would not actually throw it at him, I just wanted to scare him.

"Why are you so mad? I don't understand?" He asked frustrated, going with his hand through his hair. "I'm so clueless right now as why you are mad. This is not a big deal!"

"Get out of this room and only come back when you realize why I am so fucking furious right now!" I hissed angrily.

"No, I will not. You tell me why you're mad. We will talk this out!" He said firmly. "I will not go out of this room until you tell me what's your problem!"

I stared bewildered at him. "You don't know what's my problem?! You don't know?!! Well listen, my problem is Veronika bitch Morozov. The rest you can figure out yourself! And until you don't know what you did wrong, don't bother looking for me!"

I angrily grabbed my phone and keys and walked out of the bedroom, slamming the door behind me closed. I did not care, that I was in my peignoir. Right now, the only thing on my mind is that I should get the fuck out of this house.

At the end of the stairs, Veronika was looking worried at me. She wanted to say something, but I immediately shut her up.

"This is what you want right?" I laughed falsely as I gave her a dirty look. "Enjoy your time with Ethan!"

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