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   Chapter 28 NO.28

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Nicole Vargas

I sighed as I read the letter that was on the nightstand along with a tray of breakfast. Ethan had to go out early again today. We didn't even got a chance to talk. Last night after the piano he carried me upstairs and we went straight to bed.

I was laying down for an hour or so wide awake, listening to his soft snores next to me. He was too tired to even stay up for another half hour or so to talk.

Rose just messaged me that the audition with the models has been rescheduled. That means I didn't had to go anywhere today, I could just do my work from home.

I took a long shower and dressed in comfortable clothes. I did my work while having breakfast outside the balcony. Next to me was the cooking book Rose gave me that one time she invited Ethan and I to dinner.

I was thinking of cooking dinner tonight and discuss certain things- like the chat message from Veronika.

Yes, I was literally contemplating whether to cook or just head out, order some takeout and bring it back home. But cooking might be more effective.

Even though I cannot cook if my life depends on it, I'll just try today. Silently praying, I'll not burn the kitchen down this time or put anything in the kitchen on fire. I might as well carry a fire extinguisher on my back, just in case.

I searched for the easiest recipe in the book, but came to the conclusion that there were none. Going through the book once again, I settled for Chicken and Broccoli alfredo. That just seem to be the easiest.

I looked at the time and saw I still had a whole half day before it was time to prepare dinner. I called Angela asking if she wants to have a girls day out and she immediately said yes.

I grabbed the car keys and my sunglasses and headed outside. Ethan wrote in the letter also that he couldn't have lunch with me today, because he is meeting up with someone. Probably an investor or so.

I drove to Downtown New York, because that's where Angela and I would meet up. Little by little I am getting familiar with this place, thanks to my dear little trusted friend GPS.

I searched for a parking spot to park my car and headed out to meet Angela. She messaged me a while ago that she would be at the Westfield World trade center.

When I was already there I looked for the Sephora store b

book- well it did not look anything like the picture in the cookbook. I just hope it taste better than it looks.

I grabbed a spoon to taste my masterpiece when the front door opened. Voices filled the mansion. The voice of Ethan and the voice of a woman?

I washed my hands and dried it on the table clothe before making my way to the living room. When I entered the living room, Ethan was busy laughing and talking with a beautiful red haired woman.

He did not even acknowledge me!

I cleared my throat and that's when they both turned around to look at me. Ethan was beaming, like a little boy who just got his favorite candy.

"Hey, Nicole." He greeted, his smile never leaving his face. Red flag one, he did not call me princess.

"I did not know we had a guest today." I did not want to sound bitchy, but I prepared dinner for two.

"Oh yes. I forgot to tell you yesterday." He chuckled and shook his head.

I raised my eyebrows up at him. "Oh, yeah like how you forgot our dinner date."

Ethan cleared his throat. "Not now, Nicole." Red flag two, he did not call me princess again!

The red haired woman looked uncomfortably between the both of us. "Aren't you going to introduce me to her, darling?" Red flag three, she called him darling! I don't even call him darling! Who the hell is she?

Now that I looked better at her. She seemed quite familiar. The sharp face features and skeletal body. She looked just like...

"Nicole, I want to introduce you to Veronika. Veronika this is Nicole."

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