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   Chapter 27 NO.27

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Nicole Vargas

"Is there something bothering you, darling?"

Rose stared at me intently as I draped the fabric over the mannequin, showing the tailor and sewer how I want the dress to be. "See, this should go over the shoulder. This tiny detail makes it unique."

They nodded their heads at me and made notes in their notebook. "What about the bottom half. I still don't get that one. It's a little bit complex." the redhead in the skin tight dress said to me.

"It is, but don't worry I will show you it once more. You all can have a break now. I'll see you guys back in twenty." I said as I walked towards Rose who was sitting behind her desk. I let out a deep and exhausted sigh as I sat down across her. "No, it's nothing. I'm just so tired and stressed." I lied to her. I don't want to ask her about Veronika and Ethan, because I feel like this is something I should handle on my own.

Plus Rose is like Ethan's mother. She would always be on Ethan's side, no matter if it's good or bad. Maybe she would help me-- to break up with him--but she will always be with Ethan. She would probably be mad at him for awhile but she would forgive him eventually.

The message was from Veronika Morozov. It was a chat message on facebook. First of all, I didn't even know Ethan had facebook. Personally, I don't use facebook only Instagram and snapchat.

I didn't went through his chat, because I'm not the type of girlfriend who's going to invade his privacy. If he wants to tell me something, he will do it on his own. I don't need to go through his messages and phone calls.

But...I know that he is not telling me something and it's killing me. Why would Veronika still hit him up? I trust the guy, but now I have my doubts. When the morning came, I saw breakfast on my nightstand with a note saying he had to go out early and that he couldn't wait for our dinner date tonight.

I didn't had a chance to question him. And now I'm overthinking everything. Crazy thoughts are floating in my head. It's so hard to concentrate when something like this is constantly on my mind.

"Coffee?" Rose asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. "You look so distressed, darling. I should take you to one of my yoga classes."

Rose's assistant handed me a hot steaming cup of coffee. "You do yoga?" I asked, incredibly surprised. I never saw Rose as a yoga person.

"Yes of course. Why do you think I'm so fit? It's the power of yoga."

I chuckled and took a sip of my coffee. It felt so good to have some liquid sliding down my throat after talking and explaining so much.

There was a soft knock on the door. I l

er that is in my hand at you."

I angrily stomped out of the room. My anger was not because of the date night being cancelled. It was because of so many things I bottled up inside me. The chat message of Veronika being the main reason I got so riled up.

And then the wary look he had when he visited me for lunch. It was all inside me. The anger, the frustration.

And it all came out when he cancelled the dinner date. Yes, I was hungry and I had a reason to be mad. But all the anger and frustration I carried with me all day, it all came out too. I know that he was keeping something from me. I just want to hear it coming out of his own goddamn mouth. I don't want to investigate like some teenager, we are adults for god sake.

I placed the leftovers in the microwave to warm up. That's when I heard music fill the room. It was the sound of the piano. Before the microwave made the annoying beeping sound I took the leftovers out and walked to the living room.

Ethan was sitting behind the piano. His eyes closed, his fingers moved with grace, playing the piano like the pro he is. A beautiful sound, one I have never heard him play before, flooded the room. I felt the sadness and pain of the music seep into my body slowly and spread throughout my veins.

He was pouring his soul into the song.

He looked up at me as he kept playing. His eyes begging me to come closer. I slowly walked over towards him. He scooted over so I could sit down next to him.

He placed a soft kiss on my forehead. "I'm sorry." He whispered.

"Keep playing." I mumbled as I placed my head on his shoulders and closed my eyes.

The piano makes everything feels alright. Even though we both know it isn't.

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