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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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Nicole Vargas

I woke up to the steady patter of rain upon the bedroom window. I grabbed my phone from the nightstand to check the time and my eyes instantly widened. I had only two hours to get ready for my meeting with Rose. Shit, Shit, Shit!

I put my phone back on the nightstand and turned around to look at Ethan who was sleeping peacefully next to me. His hand draped casually around my waist and his legs were tangled with mine under the sheets.

It has been a week since we returned from Dubai. A week full of love making, anywhere, twenty four seven. It's like the guy doesn't get tired. But then again, I'm not complaining either. The smile on my face hasn't left one time for the past week.

I slowly tried to get out of bed without waking him up, but instead he drew me closer to him. "Ethan..." I groaned softly. "I need to get ready for the meeting."

"Mmh." Was his response, his eyes still close.

"Let me go." I squeaked as he pulled me closer, burying his face in the valley of my boobs. "No morning sex today."

His eyes immediately fluttered open. "Princess..." He whispered softly as he drew circles on my bare stomach with his finger. "Why not?"

"I will be late to the meeting." I answered as I went with my hand through his messy hair. It was so soft and warm from the sleep.

"The meeting is important than my health?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, scrunching my eyebrows in confusion. "Are you sick?"

"Well..." he looked at me, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "According to Queen's University, three rounds of morning sex a day will keep the doctor away."

I stared at him, before bursting out laughing. "You just made that up."

He shook his head and played with the strands of my hair. "I'm not. We haven't been to the gym for the past few weeks, so morning sex also count as a work out and.... apparently it can help you look younger."

"Did you just came up with these or are they actual facts?" I couldn't help but keep on laughing. "Bytheway we have had more sex than an average couple does in the past week, I think we made it in the Guinness book of World Records."

"The more, the better." He said in a husky voice. "Come on, one round princess

at. You will most likely meet them this weekend and they will have two weeks to design the dresses."

"Two weeks is not much." I remarked.

"That's true, but the people I will introduce you to are professionals. So don't worry."

"If that's what you said." I answered smiling and looked at the time. "I should go now. Can you send me the profiles of the models?"

"Will do it right away."

"Bye, Rose."

"Have a great rest of the day, Nicole." Rose said, sending a warm smile my way. "Tell Ethan I said hi."

"Will do."

I drove back home, because I promised Ethan that I would be home to have lunch with him. When I entered the mansion, he was already in the kitchen. This time not in his boxers, but in his expensive business suit.

He looked so goddamn hot and handsome. My insides melted at the sight of him.

"Afternoon, Ethan. How was work?" I asked as I hugged him from behind, inhaling the scent of his cologne. I loved it when a guy smell good. Such a turn on.

"It was good, princess. How was your meeting?" He asked, turning around and kissing the tip of my nose.

I let out an exhausted sigh. "It was hectic. The fashion show is approaching and we still have a lot to do."

"Take it easy, princess." He chuckled and motioned me to sit at the kitchen island. "I made chicken stir fry. I hope you're hungry."

"I'm starving."

"Good, " He smirked. "Eat well, because we are having afternoon sex."

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