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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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Nicole Vargas

"Welcome to Dubai, Mr. and Mrs. Gray."

A beautiful lady in a cashmere uniform greeted us as we stepped out of the private jet. Ethan walked next to me, his hand possessively resting on my waist. I wore a long floral dress and my hair was in a messy bun since I have slept most of the time during the flight.

We were in Dubai for the ball. Ethan was invited and he had to bring well his girlfriend.

"Hello Samira, how are you doing?" Ethan greeted the lady. She gave him a warm smile. "I'm doing well, Mr. Gray. I booked your hotel room and driver. I hope you will have a pleasant stay in Dubai. If there's anything you need, you can contact me anytime."

"I certainly will." He gave her a curt nod and she walked away. A man dressed in a back suit approached us. From my own experience, I know he's the driver.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Gray. I'm Mo, your driver for the next few days." His voice has a heavy Arabic accent in it. Ethan nodded his head at him and Mo walked away to grab our luggage.

When he was out of ear shot I glared at Ethan. "Why do you tell people that I am Mrs. Gray?" I emphasized the last part of my sentence. "I'm not even engaged to you."

"Do you want me to propose to you right now?" Ethan asked daring. I could see my reflection in his black shades. His lips were curled into a smirk. That goddamn smirk.

"What?! Of course not. The proposal has to be special. Memorable."

"Mmh, well give me some time then." He tightened his grip on my waist and walked further.

"Ethan." I groaned out annoyed.

"I just like it. You have no idea, how much I prefer Mrs. Gray instead of Miss Vargas. I want everyone to know that you're mine. You're a very attractive lady." He murmured as he kissed my temples. "Get used to be called Mrs. Gray.

"That's why I'm really picky on who I'm dating."

"So what made you choose me?" He asked amusingly.

I shrugged my shoulders. "You have that kind of vibe you know. I don't know how to explain it. But something about you, it's so different than the rest."

He smiled mysteriously. "I have the same feeling about you. Do you think that this is what they call soulmates? Like, when you meet your soulmate, the spark is there. You just feel it, but you cannot explain it?"

"Maybe, I don't know. Because the first time I met you I was not really fond of you." I laughed, thinking back at the first time I saw Ethan back in Brazil.

"Likewise, but I thought you were pretty hot tho." He chuckled, "But as the saying goes there's a thin line between hate and love."

"I didn't hate you. Hate is a strong word."

"It's a saying." He said, emphasizing the last word. "Look, we're approaching the Burj Khalifa. You have five hours to get ready, please don't be late."

I laughed. "I will not. I already prepared what I'm going to wear."


"Yes, " I said, looking out of the window. "Since the night you told me that we're going to Dubai."

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