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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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Nicole Vargas

"Finally, I thought you two would never come." Rose exclaimed as she opened the door for us. "Come in, dinner's ready."

Rose's house was huge. It looked more like a palace than a house. The floors were mable, the stair rails were ornate mahogany, carved and polished so that it shined. Portraits were painted in oils and hung in gold frames. Furniture seemed to be all handmade by master craftsmen and the air was scented with fresh flowers.

Rose wore a dark red dress covered in feathers. For an old woman, she sure look stylish and classy.

"Before we have dinner I'm going to play with Thomas for a bit. You and Nicole can catch up." Ethan said as he walked away.

"Who's Thomas?" I asked Rose.

"That's my dog." She laughed. "He has his own part in this house. Come darling, let's go to the kitchen and have some wine."

I followed her into the kitchen and there were two maids standing at the counter. They slightly bowed their head at me. "Good evening miss, " the both said in unison.

"Hi, " I answered curtly. They both looked young. In their late thirties perhaps? They wore a grey uniform with Rose's name on it. I assume that is their uniform.

"Two glasses of wine please..., " Rose said and leaned on the kitchen counter where the two girls were just standing. "I hope you like Italian food. I have made panzanella and pasta carbonara. Ethan loves pasta carbonara."

"I actually do love Italian food, " I admitted. "How come you can prepare them?, "

Rose laughed softly. "My husband, well may his soul rest in peace, he was half Italian. He ta

s outside the kitchen and Ethan entered in the mid of our conversation. He took a deep breath. "Mmh, I smell pasta."

Rose smiled at him. "I made pasta carbonara for you." Rose motioned for me to sit. "Let's start dinner now before the food gets cold. What do you want to drink, Ethan?"

"Water, please."

Rose went and grabbed water for him. After that she sat down and took a deep breath. "I'm so happy that you both are here. Now let's pray and dig in."

Ethan did the prayers. I never saw him as a religious guy, but I guess I was wrong. The food was delicious. It tasted better than the Italian food I occasionally ate at the restaurant in Brazil.

After dinner, Ethan went to take Thomas out for a walk and I helped Rose with the dishes. Rose handed me a small book. "What is it?" I asked as I looked at the beautiful satin red book in my hand.

"Recipes of food Ethan like, " Rose said with a twinkle in her eyes and added teasingly, "Because as you know... The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

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