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   Chapter 18 NO.18

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Nicole Vargas

"It's crazy how we went from pretend relationship to real relationship so fast." I laughed as I took a bite of the chicken wing. We sat in the living room couch eating our Thai food. It was a great night. The curtains of the huge windows were open so that the moonlight shone into our living room.

After our order was ready we immediately drove home, because we were both starving. I haven't had breakfast this morning and for lunch I only drank a Macchiato. The meeting had made Ethan hungry, because since it was unannounced he didn't order refreshments.

Surprisingly I really loved Thai food. It was so rich in seasoning. Very different than other foreign dishes I have tried.

"I know right." Ethan laughed, leaning over to wipe sauce off my face. He was so attentive and sweet. "What do you think about the food? Should we get it more often?"

I let out a loud moan to show him how much I really loved it. "It's so good and yes definitely. Thai is my new favorite."

"I can't believe you're my girlfriend now. A real one may I add." He nudged me from the side and winked.

I rolled my eyes and chuckled lightly. "I don't even know why you wanted to do the pretend one. Looking back it's so childish and stupid."

"Not for me. For me, it was to find out if I really wanted you in my life or not. What I said about Rose is only partially true. Yes, she's sick, but no she didn't care if I had a girlfriend or not."

I figured that last part out. "And, did you find out if you want me in your life?" I asked, quirking an eyebrow up at him. I was curious now.

"I don't really know yet." He shrugged his shoulders indifferently. "This is our trial. I'm supposed to find out if you are really worth it sometime along the way."

I felt so uncomfortable when he said that. It felt like I was a thing, i

at. I wanted to know more about Veronika and he didn't want to tell me anything. She either hurt him so bad or he just can't get over her. It's either one of them. The way he still talks about her, I think it's more the latter one. And it scares me, because what if she comes back?

"Hey princess, " Ethan waved his hand in front of my face. I was zoning out. "Don't think too much. You're mine and that's all that matters."

"I just---, "

"Do you want me to play the piano?" He asked, putting his plate on the table. He stood up and stretched his hand out at me.

What a good way to avoid this conversation.

I sighed deeply, because he knew I could not say no to that. The piano was our thing. Our way of showing that everything is all right even when it isn't.

I placed my hand in his and we walked to the piano in the middle of the room. The moon shone directly on the piano and it felt so magical. Every time he played a different tune on the piano and every time I fell deeper in love with him.

I sat next to Ethan and the moment he placed his fingers on the keys, I closed my eyes and placed my head on his shoulder.

This is what I want.

Him, the piano, us.

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