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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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Ethan Gray

The weird feeling in my stomach started to grow the longer I stared at the sleeping beauty next to me. She leaned her head against the window, her eyelids closed, her mouth in a small pout as her chest raised slowly up and down everytime she took a breath.

She looked serene, peaceful, even-tempered. Nothing like the girl from this morning. God, she was throwing such a fit about clothes. And then she even mentioned Veronika. I know that she knew about Veronika, because it's all over the gossips. I never thought she would believe them. Gossips are gossips. Every celebrity, influencer, or model knows that. Even though Nicole didn't fall in any of those categories, she was the only heir of the Vargas hotel chains which makes her the perfect target for gossips.

Nicole seemed tired. After we had brunch at the Bruvette, she was very hungry may I add. Probably that's because she hadn't had breakfast in the morning, because of the tantrum she was throwing. I don't know why she's bothered about clothes and their seasons. When she came back downstairs, I couldn't help but compliment her inwardly. She looked so classy, stylish, fabulous, and oh god hot. Women wearing business clothes always looked so formal and uptight. Sometimes their clothes were too conservative or sometimes too revealing. None of those two were flattering.

But Nicole. She wore the perfect outfit to make men fall weak to their knees. I don't know how she do that. She's also very oblivious about what's happening around her. She can't see that men are openly eye raping her. If I could, I would throw them all a punch. Disgusting little pigs! She wasn't even revealing skin and they were all lusting on her.

After we had brunch I brought her to the Stone Street for a walk and a nice little chat. Even though she was still mad at me that I introduced her as my girlfriend to Rose, she immediately forgave me as she saw how aesthetic the Stone Street was. Just what she needed for her instagram feed. After taking a couple of hundred pictures, we finally went back to the car. But not before grabbing a drink.

There she wanted to know more why Rose didn't like Veronika. That old woman didn't like the Russian at all. Hell, I didn't even like her. We both used each other for attention, a pr

iddle of living room.

It was placed there, because every year during Christmas Florence and I used to play on it. "Of course I play it, otherwise it wouldn't be there."

"Can you play for me?" She asked softly, "I mean you don't have to, but---, "

"Yes, I mean why not?" I stood up from the couch and walked towards the piano. I took a seat and took a deep breath. I decided to play the easiest one I knew. River flows in you from Yiruma.

I got so lost in it, I always do when I play the piano. It makes me forget everything for a while. The piano calmed me down. Always.

When I was done playing, I turned around and saw Nicole looking at me intently and in total awe. A small smile played on her lips. "The piano calms you down." She remarked.

My eyes widened in surprise. "That's true, how did you know?"

The small smile stayed on her face. "Just the way you played it. I could feel you, you know that right? The emotions."

I raised my eyebrows. She could feel my emotions?

She shook her head. "Whatever, I'm rambling. Uhm Thanks for the food, I'll go get some sleep now before more crap comes out of my mouth." She laughed nervously. "Good night."

"Good night, " I whispered, still thinking about what she said earlier.

She could feel my emotions. The way she said it. Her voice.

So soft. So serene.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I thought I could do this.

But I can't.

I just realized that I'm falling for her.

And I'm falling hard.

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