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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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Ethan Gray

I can't believe it!

I just can't believe it. Nicole cannot cook AT ALL. When she told me that she had no idea how to cook, I was positive that if she would watch some youtube videos she would be able to at least know how to do the basic stuff. Like scrambling an egg for example.

But no.

Instead she almost burned the kitchen down. I was not worried about the kitchen at all, I was worried about her. What if I wouldn't be there to save her? Oh god, the thought of it only.

I felt so bad for yelling at her. I was so mad, because she had to be more careful if it comes to cooking.

I placed the freshly baked blueberry scones on a plate and poured orange juice in a glass. I never prepared breakfast for anyone in my entire life except for myself and here I am doing it for Nicole. I couldn't stand her tears, I should have been more understanding. When I saw her tears something inside my snapped.

I felt so guilty and was about to apologize, but she ran out of the kitchen before I could do so.

She's not used to this life. She cannot cook even if her life depends on it. I took the tray with food to her room. I couldn't stand the thought of her not eating. Even though I'm angry at her for not being careful enough, that's not an excuse to let her starve.

The door to her room was ajar. I knocked twice, but when I didn't hear anything I opened it wide and there was no one inside. "Nicole?!" I called out, looking around in the room. Maybe she's in the bathroom, but the door to the bathroom was wide open. "Nicole, where are you?"

Where the hell could she be? I walked back downstairs to see if she's in the living room, but it was also empty. "Nicole!" I let out a deep sigh and walked to the backyard to see if she's at the pool. God forbid if something happens to her. She hasn't eat yet, what the hell could she be possibly doing now? Isn't she starving?

The pool was empty. There was no one there. I was about to

ot healthy to skip brunch."

She gulped. "Fine, where is it?"

She followed me back to the mansion. I had put the tray with food on the table next to the pool. Her eyes immediately fell on the scones and juice on the tray. "Wow, they look delicious."

"And they are too."

She smiled up at me. A cute small smile. She looked so cute and adorable when she smiled. "Thank you." She took a bite of the scone and let out a small moan. "It's so good!"

I chuckled and sat down next to her. I put my phone next to the tray and picked a scone and ate with her.

"Where did you learn how to cook?" She asked.

"My aunt back in England taught me. She majored in culinary and she also make wedding cakes." I told her. "Uhm, I also want apologize for what happened earlier. I should have listened to you when you told me you couldn't cook."

She shrugged. "It's fine. I mean it's embarrassing isn't it? But for me it's normal. I have been treated like a princess my entire life. I don't expect other people to treat me any less."

I rolled my eyes. Here's the Nicole, that I know.

Our conversation got interrupted when my phone started ringing. Since the brightness of my phone was on hundred percent, the name of the caller, was flashing brightly for Nicole to see it.


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