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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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Nicole Vargas

I was still in shock. Handsome stranger was Ethan Gray. Ethan Gray was handsome stranger. Puberty really did hit him hard. I remembered Ethan as the malnourished little boy with the most prettiest hairstyle. The only reason I was infatuated by him that time was because of his hair.

But now, everything changed. He looked like a whole course meal in his expensive armani suit and rolex watch he had on. I wondered how rich he actually was. From sources I could gather that he was the youngest billionaire in England and that he was the CEO of one of the most fast growing companies.

His hazel brown eyes that were shielded with the most thickest and lustrous eyelashes I have ever seen on a man stared at me with a mischievous glint. His lips twitched in a arrogant smirk as he saw what for effect he had on me.

"So, I was thinking, " I looked at my dad as he spoke. "Since Ethan is going to live in New York for a year, I'll put you under his supervision, which means you can go abroad to fulfill your dreams. That's what you want right?"

My dad looked at me with a victorious smile as if he just proposed the world's best idea. In fact, it was not. It was the most dumbest idea I have ever heard.

I shook my head wildly. "No Papai. That is far from what I want. What I want is to go to New York without being under someone's watch. And I don't think Mr. Gray will appreciate my presence. Right Mr. Gray?"

Ethan chuckled lightly. "It's Ethan for you Nicole. And for your information, I already approved this idea. Your dad brought it up the moment I told him I will stay in New York for a year."

"What?!" I yelled out unbelievably. I can't believe people are making decisions for me behind my back. I am twenty three for god sake. "I am perfectly capable to make my own decisions! And I'm not going to New York with you."

"Then forget ever going to New York!" My dad barked angrily. He calmed down when he saw that people were throwing weird glances at us. "You either go with him or not go at all. It's your choice Nicole."

"I have so many choices, It's you and mom that are limiting it!" I was so angry right now. My mom gave me a stern look, but didn't say anything. Instead she muttered 'spoiled' and 'ungrateful' underneath her breath.

"I think your dad's idea is wonderful, Nicole." Ethan butted in which earned him a deadly glare from me.

"Stay out of this Ethan! So far I know, I haven't ask for your opinion did I?!" I flipped my hair to the back and turned around. "I'm not going to New York with Ethan, dad! Not because I don't want to, but because you can't keep making decisions for me!"

I stormed out of the party without even waiting for his reply. I knew it was not a good idea to come to the ball, but I didn't know it would be this bad.

Ethan Gray

I had heard so many stories about Nicole and I didn't wanted to believe them. The Nicole I knew was nice, kind, and little. I should have realized that was years ago. When Santiago Vargas asked me if I would like to watch over his daughter I didn't hesitate to say yes. Santiago is a really great man and an amazing business man. Everyone wanted to do business with him. When he asked me if I would take Nicole to New York and let her live with

me for a year until she was able to afford her own place, I agreed instantly. In my head Nicole was still the innocent little girl I knew before I left brazil.

When I saw the drop dead gorgeous lady approaching Santiago, I couldn't help but think of various ways of getting her into my bed. But when she opened her mouth and greeted Santiago, my heart stopped and I was left shocked. She said Papai.

She was the daughter of santiago. Which means she was Nicole, who once was a cute little girl, but now is a sophisticated woman. She was very beautiful and I'm pretty sure many men would love to have her by their sides. That's why I'm wondering. Is she still single?

"I'm sorry about my daughter." Santiago apologized when Nicole stormed out of the party. She was indeed a spoiled brat. Exactly like how the gossip papers described her. Spoiled, sassy, and hard headed. In short, a drama queen.

"She's a handful." Santiago's wife said. She looks exactly like Nicole. Only with a little bit of grey in her hair and wrinkles in her forehead. "But that's why you have two hands, darling."

Santiago gave her a stern look and then he shifted his attention back to me. "Nicole really wanted to start her career in New York. Since forever. But you know, I still see her as my little girl and I'll not sleep well knowing she's all alone in a big city. That's why I never send her to New York. So after you've saw her behaviour, do you still want to take her with you?"

Of course I didn't like her behaviour. She's old enough and she needs to get her act together. But that doesn't mean I will let my old man Santiago down. At his question I nodded. "Yes, I will. If she still wants to come, because what I saw... I don't think she wants to go anymore."

"Oh don't worry." Santiago's wife said smiling. "We will find a way for her to go. She needs to work and learn the value of money."

Santiago nodded in agreement. "She likes to spend money. And a lot too. It's not that I can't afford it. I just don't want her to be a spoiled brat. She's very capable of working and making her own money. And that's what I want for her. I will not be around her entire life to take care of her."

"Don't worry. I will bring her to New York and introduce her to people who can help her achieve her dreams. I will leave tomorrow evening, so make sure she has everything packed by tomorrow afternoon."

"You're leaving so soon?" Santiago's wife asked disappointedly. "We were thinking of having you over for dinner."

"My apologies. But there's a lot of work waiting for me in New York."

"I understand." Santiago said. "I'll make sure Nicole has everything packed by tomorrow. Do we need to bring her to the Gray Private airport?"

I shook my head. "I'll pick her up."

"Thank you very much Ethan. I know my daughter will be in good hands with you."

Will she though? I asked myself. She's a very gorgeous woman. I shook my head to get all the wild thoughts out.

She's a drama queen. A sassy, spoiled, with a hell lot of attitude girl.

Not my type. Never my type. Except for her beautiful body everything about her screams drama queen and trouble.

I took a deep breath. I can do this.

It's only for one year.

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