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   Chapter 5 Some Interesting 20 Questions

My French Teacher Claims I'm his Mate By La_Rose_Semsem Characters: 12992

Updated: 2018-06-24 19:30

"And Maria, kindly do not forget about your detention today." Maria heard Mr D –a.k.a Blake– say in that really deep, extremely sexy voice of his.

She turned to look at him, astonished, her eyes almost dropping out of their socks. He had the nerve to chuckle then grin at her. She just frowned.

How could he think of that?

Sure, she had planned on skipping but how did he guess?

Maria's shoulders slumped in defeat, and she groaned. Felicity had a small smile on her face whereas Kelly smirked and playfully hit her on the arm.

She quickly changed then headed to the prison cell that was her detention.

Maria was getting a little bit confused over her own feelings. On one side, she was fantasizing about her teacher most of her waking time, the female in her was excited to be in his company for another hour...

But there was this other part of her, the reasonable one, that kept on telling her it's SO wrong to think of him that way, that she shouldn't get attached or anything.

'Aaaaaaargh! What should I do?' She inwardly cried out while heading to the French classroom.

She slammed the door harder than normal. Mr Donnovan's head snapped up from his laptop. He was sitting on his desk, in all his 6-feet-something glory. He was wearing some faded blue jeans, a tight-fitting white dress shirt, and Maria could only imagine his hard abs hiding beneath that thin layer of clothe.

'I can't imagine the sight when drenched after some pouring rain, ' she thought dreamily, 'or better shirtless.'

A second later, the reasonable part of her made its appearance. 'Oh no! Here I am fantasizing again. Stop it Maria, don't make a bigger fool of yourself!'

When her eyes met his, she saw that they definitely held amusement, and his smirk was quite wide.

Maria could only guess she had been caught red handed checking him out. She couldn't help the blush that crept its way on her face, and she therefore blurted out the first thing that came to her mind, "Sorry about the door. I didn't mean to."

"Uh-huh." He smiled knowingly.

Maria chose to sit beside the window, and he was soon sitting on the desk next to hers.

"You have emptied the boxes, " he started, as if he was truly thinking things though, "What should I make of you now?" He finished in a playful tone.

Oh well, Maria was thinking of many things he could do to her.

'Damn those freaking hormones!' She inwardly sighed.

"Nothing physical." She mumbled, still looking straight at the board. She was afraid she might lose it if she looked his way once more without being free to touch him.

She felt rather than saw his eyes on her.

'Oh god, why did I have to say PHYSICAL?' She mentally face-palmed, 'I didn't even mean it like that.'


Right then he sounded like a whining baby.

"My arms are hurting like hell thanks to you, " she cried out in response, turning to glare at him.

"Oh come on, you just did some push-ups!" He said, using a smug tone, and wiggling his eyebrows.

Oh, how much she wanted to hit him right then.

Bad idea, Maria immediately concluded. If she did, she would feel the increasing undeniable lust. She could always throw something at him though. But she wouldn't want to do any damage to that...

'Aaaargh! I'll better stop right now, ' she inwardly whined, 'I don't want to start going down that road right now.'

"Some push-ups?" She countered, incredulous, "I did 100." She groaned.

He shrugged nonchalantly. Then, looking at her with unmistakable mischief, he drawled "You shouldn't have complained about 5 little runs."

"Jerk, " she muttered under her breath.

"What was that?" He asked, a knowing smile on those deviously tempting lips of his.

Maria just huffed and kept quiet.

"Tomorrow will be the last time I teach you gym, have no fear" His tone wasn't serious, but there was definitely an edge to it.

He couldn't possibly feel sad about that too.

"Thank god!" She joked, "having you in French 3 times a week is more than enough."

She had him first period on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. She really wouldn't mind for another period though.

His eyes narrowed for a moment, he adjusted his stance, made a serious face and took a fake serious tone, "I think you need a reminder about the common good manners. Do you want another detention?"

Maria could have sworn her face turned white, and he hurried to say kindly, "Hey, I'm just kidding. Don't worry."

She immediately relaxed, breathed out a sigh of relief, and smiled.

"But still you could have said What a pity! I'll miss you Blake... or something like that." He put his hand on his chest in a mock hurt gesture.

"Oh don't be such a baby!" She told him jokingly, while rolling her eyes nonetheless.

They looked at one another for a second, and then burst off laughing.

"We could always play that 20 questions game, " He suggested after sobering up.

Maria just nodded, beaming. How could she not? She had to admit he was such an easy person to talk to, so kind, so fun to be around.

And so much more.

Their first questions were quite simple, favorite color –they both liked black which, arguably, wasn't a color– favorite food –he liked Italian, she preferred Chinese– favorite music, movie, book... and the questions went on.

Then it got a little bit serious. Maria felt as if they were somehow on a mined territory. Just then, they started with the interesting questions.

"Why did you want to skip today?" It seemed like he cared about the answer –though he wasn't really showing it.

"I need to buy a dress for tomorrow. There is a party I have to attend, " she answered him truthfully.

His lips took an O shape.

'Damn, he can be so cute!' She thought, finding his cuteness both endearing and irritating at the same time.

"How did you know I intended on skipping?" She countered after a moment of silence.

"Well, I heard you, " he replied in a duh-tone.

Now, that got her wondering, because she and Kelly were way too far from him when they talked about this matter. So, normally, he couldn't have heard them.

Maria dismissed the thought when she heard him ask his next question, "Who are you going with?"

"With Tyler, " she replied readily, "He's my boyfriend, " she clarified, as she started to remind herself that she was supposed to think more about him than her teacher.

"Since when are you together?" He hurried to ask before she could say another word.

"Almost a yea

r now, " Maria answered, slightly confused.

She couldn't believe she was being asked about her love life by her teacher, who had by the way tensed. She wondered absentmindedly what got under his skin before dismissing the thought.

"How many serious relationships did you have? How long did they last?" It was her turn. And no, she wasn't being nosy. She was just curious.

Or that's what she told herself.

A small smile stretched his lips before he said in a hushed voice, "Actually, none! The girls I dated just weren't the one."

A frown came upon Maria's face without her consent.

'No need to let him know I care, ' she thought angrily, 'Why should I be affected by the fact that he is a player?'

"How many boyfriends did you have before that Tyler?"

Was that disdain she sensed when he said that Tyler?

'I must be imagining it, ' she tried to convince herself, 'Yes, definitely!'

"Actually, none, " she shot back, mimicking his previous tone.

He rolled his eyes at her, then nodded her way as if to incite her to ask him another question.

"Well how many girlfriends did you have?" She asked, interested. The word 'girlfriends' came out in a light tone, for she just didn't want to say fuck-buddies. That would be really rude. At the end of the day, he was still her teacher.

He slightly cringed first –taken back– then admitted in a low, and somewhat ashamed voice, "Way too many for me to count."

It was Maria's turn to frown again. So, not only was he a player, but he was a man-whore as well. Damn!

Yet, even after these revelations, her attraction towards him didn't diminish. Her crush on him was that bad!

"It's just that I'm much older, " he hurried to explain, "it's not the same."

"Not that much older, " she mumbled.

He opened his mouth, about to add something, then thought better of it apparently, and shut his mouth. Just then, Maria glanced at the clock to see it was actually 5pm sharp.

'Wow, I didn't think a detention could pass by so quickly!' She thought, amused, 'Well, I guess the 20 questions were really entertaining.'

Maria rose to her feet and took her bag. He frowned momentarily. Then upon looking at his watch, he seemed to recover.

"Time to go. See you tomorrow!" She said as cheerfully as she could.

He nodded, then said in a playful tone, "Try to be on time."

She saluted him like a soldier, then headed to the door.

Just when she grabbed the knob, and was about to open it, his hand came to rest on the door, blocking her exit.

Maria turned, surprised, to look at him. He was so close, she started feeling hot all over. What was he doing to her?

His scent was torture to her nostrils, his proximity like a major anti-good-thoughts medicine or something. She was not thinking straight at all.

'Damn him for being this hot!' She inwardly cursed while taking a deep breath.

"I'm gonna ask you one last question, " he started in a hushed tone, "my twentieth as a matter of fact."

Maria gulped, then nodded, afraid her voice would break if she were to speak.

He edged a little bit closer, until there were merely few inches separating them. He raised his right hand, and allowed his fingers to trace an imaginary line across her jaw line.

Maria couldn't help but shudder at the sensation. It was so sensual! She just can't explain it with words.

"Do you feel the sparks when I touch you?" He asked, his voice huskier than usual, getting her out of her reverie.

Maria opened her mouth to speak, but no voice came out. She closed it, turned her head and dropped her gaze on the floor.

He gently took hold of her chin and made her face him.

"Look at me, " he commanded in his husky voice.

She obliged, and almost blushed at the intensity of his heated stare.

He was still waiting for an answer, which he confirmed when saying, "I really need to know Maria."

The way her name rolled off his tongue... it almost sounded erotic, and she got some wonderful shivers running down her spine as a consequence.

"So?" He asked anew.

Maria just nodded vigorously. Then, quickly, and blushing like there was no tomorrow, she grabbed that damned knob, and exited the classroom as fast as her feet could go when being this numb.

Her heart was beating so fast whereas her breaths were sharp, accelerated and far-fetched. She felt kind of euphoric, totally walking on the clouds, and paradoxically drained of all her strength. Those emotions were unfamiliar to her.

He made her feel like nobody did before.

'It's so wrong to feel this right to be with him!' She thought, half-delirious.

She didn't think she even made sense anymore.

Maria needed ice-cream, and Kelly.


There was Kelly, sitting on Maria's desk chair, looking at her intently –transfixed almost– listening carefully to everything she said. And Maria said a lot. She didn't spare her any detail.

As Maria was sitting cross-legged on her bed, it was only too easy for her to throw herself backwards when she finally finished.

'Here goes nothing, ' she thought on a sigh, 'I hope she doesn't get too mad at me. I can't be a bigger slut, can I? I'm dating her brother, yet falling for my French teacher's good looks!'

Kelly sighed, then came near her. She gently brushed Maria's bangs, then said in a very unexpected calm tone, "I knew you didn't love my brother."

Maria raised her head to see her friend smiling down on her. Kelly could be so sweet, Maria often wondered how she managed to make her her bestie.

"Don't beat yourself up, hon. It will be all right." She heard her say.

Maria sent a confused look her way, and she just stood there smirking. "You'll get your wicked way with that fine teacher of yours."

Maria's eyes widened so much it hurt.

What the hell?

"Before that, " her friend began seriously, "make sure you won't regret it. Ok? Take your time for the decision: It's either you break it up with Tyler or you cut off the connection with Mr D."

Maria jumped out of her bed, and hugged her, hard. Soon enough, Kelly's arms went around her too.

"I thought you would be mad at me, " Maria cried out, on the verge of tears.

"I would have been if you didn't tell me, " her friend answered in a serious tone.

"You're such a good friend to me, " Maria told her gratefully.

"Chicks before dicks, remember?" Kelly joked.

Maria smiled through her tears and nodded, getting out of her soft embrace.

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