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   Chapter 4 New Girl, New Friend

My French Teacher Claims I'm his Mate By La_Rose_Semsem Characters: 15768

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Maria actually had to take a cab to school the following day, as till 7:30 Tyler didn't tell her he couldn't pick her up because he went to some morning practice.

As expected, she arrived late to homeroom, and as she entered she saw that it was Mr Jenkins.

'Oh god! Just my luck, isn't it?' she mentally groaned.

"Miss Jensen, how nice of you to join us!" He shouted immediately.

She only smiled shyly at him. What could she say really?

He narrowed his eyes, then with that bitchy tone he often took with her said, "Smiling, are we? You wouldn't mind having a detention today then?" His eyes were gleaming with dark pleasure.

"I already have one sir."

His smile dropped a little but soon he countered that, "Well, tomorrow then!"

Sighing and inwardly cursing Mr Donnovan and Sandra all together, Maria said once again, "I already have one sir."

His jaw almost dropped. And Maria heard some giggles, but didn't pay attention to any of them.

Mr Jenkins averted his eyes looking displeased with himself.

Maria was heading to the back desk when she heard him say, "But your lunch break isn't taken, now is it?"

Looking back at him, she shook her head. And he seemed to recover his good mood. That bastard can't stand her at all.

'Not my fault his son has wandering hands and I have a good blow!' Maria thought bitterly.

In her opinion, he only got what he deserved. But in Mr Jenkins' opinion, she became the big French badass. She had had a three-day suspension and was supposed to write an apology to Mike –his son– which she didn't ... and that pissed him off even more. Maria thought that that's when he decided to make her life a living hell whenever he could.

Maria plumped on her seat with a huff and zoned out, only getting out of her la-la-land when the bell rang.

While slipping out of there, she was softly nudged by someone. She turned around to come face to face with a beautiful redhead that she didn't know from anywhere.

"Hi, I'm Felicity."

Maria shook the hand she was offering. "And I'm Maria?" It came out as a question against her own will not to sound rude.

Smiling gently, the redhead clarified, "I have art next, what about you?"

Maria nodded and used a gentler tone, "Follow me, we have the same."

Well, it wasn't her fault that Mr Jenkins' was an ass, nor was the fact that Tyler totally forgot about her.


It turned out the two girls had all periods together. Quite a coincidence if you ask Maria!

'I just hope she remains nice, ' Maria thought on a silent sigh, 'but they all back off when Sandra threatens them. I can understand that. Nobody wants to be with the outcast, so that they avoid being bullied on.'

But still, Maria felt lonely at times. Then, two years ago, came Kelly and Tyler. They made the school acceptable – and even fun sometimes.

In the middle of art period, which wasn't one of Maria's favorite, as she couldn't even manage to draw a rose straight, a piece of paper landed on her desk. It had come from behind.

Maria turned around to find Jerry looking back at her smiling.

Maria smiled back. He was one of the few who talked to her, although he was in the basketball team. His friends used to talk to her too. Then, their girls asked them not to, and they all obliged except him.

To put it simply, being new –with an accent– in a school full of snobs with lots of stereotypes... Well, it just sucks!

Maria basically talked to three other students besides Kelly, her BFF, and Tyler, her BF. Jerry, Mandy and Jake were their names.

She used to talk to Jerry's older brother too, but he had graduated last year so that just left her with these 5 ... which was just fine by her.

She was therefore sure they liked her for her, not for the money her father had, nor for her looks –not that she was stunningly beautiful, because she was rather plain – nor for anything else.

Maria looked at the paper and read, "good 2 c u. how r u?"

She scribbled down a quick, "fine. u?"

"been better, u know with my leg and all! lol"

"thank god u'r ok now so u can play"

Maria saw him smile while reading this. They continued their little chitchat during the rest of the period.

Soon enough, it was break time.

Maria was heading out of the classroom when Felicity grabbed her hand gently, "Hey, going somewhere?"

"Just to the vending machines. I'll grab a chocolate bar" was the soft reply she got.

"You don't mind if I come along?" She asked tentatively.

Maria smiled and linked their arms together. After a few steps, Jerry caught up with them. "Hey, cutie!" He said, flirting as always.

Maria had missed his playfulness.

"Hey, ugly!" She responded, bugging him as always.

His right eyebrow shot up, then his smirk widened when saying "You know you like me." His bright grey eyes were twinkling with mischief.

"I'll take the fifth on that, " Maria winked jokingly, then added in a fake serious tone, "I have a boyfriend, you know?"

He just rolled his eyes, then while heading otherwise shouted at her, "We should hang out later."

She nodded at him and waved, then hurried down the hallway.

When passing the history classroom, Maria bumped into Kelly.

"Watch it there!" She apparently hadn't seen her.

"Not my fault, hon, " Maria smiled warmly at her.

She turned towards her, her eyes wide, "You made me drop my book!" She told her in mock anger.

Maria gave it back to her. "But I caught it, didn't I?" Her tone was teasing, and her friend's fake glare soon faded, and she burst off laughing. Her friend joined her, while Felicity just smiled absently.

'I think she's the calm type, ' Maria reasoned. 'Cool! She might get along with Mandy and the rest of us ... if she decides to hang with us, that is.'

She introduced them to each other, then dragged them to the vending machines. She bought three chocolate bars, handed them one each then bit in her own. She barely registered moaning at the taste.

Maria almost jumped out of her skin when an arm sneaked around her waist, a warm breath tickling her ear, "Quiet, babe. We don't want people to get the wrong idea, " he murmured.

Strangely enough, his voice didn't affect her as it used to, and his proximity didn't make her heart beat faster. And the only reason why Maria was breathing hard was her sudden fright.

She answered him, getting gently out of his hold, "Well, I'm just appreciating the snack."

He just nodded, saying nothing. Then, eyeing Felicity, he asked, "Who's she?"

Maria glared at him. There was no need to talk about her like that.

"I'm Felicity, and I can speak for myself thank you very much!" The redhead's tone was pure sweetness, but only a fool wouldn't detect the irritation hiding behind.

"And I'm Tyler, Maria's boyfriend... and you're new!"

He was starting to get on his girlfriend's nerves.

'When has he become so rude?' She mused angrily.

"Yeah, so?" Maria just had to put that in. She didn't like the way he was talking to her. Being new is nothing to be blamed for, nor to be ashamed of.

"Nothing, " he mumbled under his breath.

They all headed to physics, as they shared that period together, Maria flanked by a really silent Tyler to her right, and two babbling girls to her left.


School hours passed by a blur, as Maria was dreading the final period she had... Gym.

Why? Well, it was obvious she had made a fool of herself yesterday in front of Mr Donnovan... and she was almost hyperventilating at the thought of being yelled at or something.

She was basically scared he might have got the wrong impression on her. She didn't want him to think she was another one of those students throwing themselves at him. She could control her urges... not that there were any urges of course.

Thankfully, he didn't seem to acknowledge her stress, nor did he act in any frustrating way. He was the cool young sexy teacher, as always.

The students played basketball, girls VS boys. They were doing just fine until some guys started chasing their girlfriends, and some girls throwing themselves at them.

What a way to play the game!

Taking example on his mates, Tyler came after Maria when she was least expecting it and started tickling her.

She was laughing hysterically, and trying to get his hands off of her but couldn't manage to do it. She run from him, and finally kneeled down so that she could avoid him, but he was already bending to keep torturing her, when all of a sudden a very controlled stern voice stopped him, "Stop it or you'll take a walk to the principal's office!"

Damn! Even in this state of mind –while being kind of angry– he looked sexy as hell.

'I'm starting to fantasize about him AGAIN!' Maria inwardly whined, 'Bad! Bad Maria!'

"Always looking for an excuse to get the attention, " Sandra, the same slut who had been on her boyfriend's back moments ago, commented in a derisive tone.

Maria flushed from the intensity of those green eyes' stare. "I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb your class." Her voice was hushed, and she had actually stammered which made her turn an even brighter shade of red.

Just when she was about to apologize again, his eyes softened, his features relaxed, and he offered her his hand so that she could stand.

Maria hesitated for a split-second, then took it defiantly. The contact between their skins was feeling amazing, the little shocks were still there, and the rush of lust was present. To sum it all up, she was getting hot all over from his touch.

"It's okay. I'm not angry at you." His voice was barely above a whisper, and it made her yearn for more. Then, he gently released her hand, and she almost whimpered at the loss.

'Holy shit!' She mentally cursed, 'I was being carried in an unknown whirlwind. I should really get a grip.'

Tyler was slightly glaring at Mr Donnovan when he grabbed hold of Maria's hand, and that made her scowl. She had had her share of detentions already. She sure as hell didn't need another one. But fortunately, her sexy French teacher remained silent.

When the period came to its end, Tyler was fussing around angrily, "I don't like the way he was looking at you."

Maria ignored him, but he continued in an exasperated tone, "He's a teacher for god's sake!"

Felicity was watching him, her eyes confessing the amusement inside of her, and her grin expressing a hidden thought as if she knew something.

Kelly, on the other hand, was just arguing with one of the jocks for making her trip during the game.

Maria splashed some water on her face, and refreshed her arms, getting rid of the practice-heat, then changed into her normal clothes.

She turned to Kelly. The blonde was putting her hair in a messy ponytail. Maria told her unmotivated, "I should get going. See you tomorrow."

She smiled at her, slipping into her black knee-length skirt, "Yeah. Enjoy the detention, hon." She had that glint in her eyes that left her friend wondering, but Maria just dismissed the thought a moment later.

"Goodbye Maria. See you tomorrow, " came Felicity's soft voice from behind her.

"Bye. Take care." She answered her, smiling apologetically for forgetting about her.


Like the oblivious little high school girl she was, Maria sat alone in the French's classroom while Mr Donnovan was nowhere to be seen.

She waited patiently for a few minutes, then when she got up from her sit, the door opened, and that deliciously gorgeous teacher of hers entered.

He closed the door behind him, then said in a playful tone, "Close your eyes."

What the hell? Was he going insane or something?

He nodded at her, as if to incite her to close her eyes. Eventually, she did.

Seconds later, he asked her to open them. He was standing right in front of her, his proximity way too disturbing for her. But Maria kept ignoring those sensations building inside of her.

She dropped her gaze at her desk, and noticed a bag.

"What is this?" She asked him, confused.

"Open it." He said simply, a smile adorning his face.

'It can't be that bad, huh? I hope it's not a prank or anything, ' Maria mused while eying the bag.

She was surprised to see that it was a sandwich and a coke zero.

Mr Donnovan was now sitting on the desk next to hers, his white shirt hugging his chest in all the right...

'Stop already, you silly girl. He's your teacher!' She inwardly reprimanded herself.

She thanked him in a timid voice that she almost didn't recognize as her own.

He chuckled then explained flatly, "I heard that you've had a detention at lunch time so..." He trailed off, shrugging nonchalantly, as if that explained everything.

Then, looking at her warily, he asked, "Euh, you don't like Italian sandwiches?"

"Oh, no! I do, Mr Donnovan, " she retorted immediately, "It's just so unusual coming from a teacher, I guess."

He faked a glare at her, then said while edging a little bit closer, "Blake. I already told you to call me Blake."

She smiled absently, then took a bite at her late lunch.

It was unbelievably delicious.

'I should really ask him where he bought it, ' she thought while enjoying the food.

Strangely, she was not embarrassed around him today.

She should feel self-conscious, because he was watching her every move – her every bite – and yet, she was not.

She felt way too much comfortable with him. And she shouldn't...

Maybe he was one of those persons who know how to put others at ease.

'Yeah, it's probably the reason why, ' she reasoned, 'There is nothing special between us. Keep that in mind, Maria.'

After taking a last sip from her coke zero, Maria thanked him again. He just stood there smiling at her for a while.

"So what should I do now?" Her question seemed to snap him out of his thoughts.

"Let's continue with the boxes, " he answered her cheerfully.


"Yeah, it was sweet of him..." Maria started, only to be interrupted by Kelly, "He has a thing for you. It's so obvious."

Maria just scoffed, "Don't be ridiculous, K. He's a teacher."

"A really sexy teacher, " her friend mumbled dreamily, then added, "and you have this look on your face when watching him. There is something going between you two."

"There isn't!" Maria denied vehemently

"There is!" Kelly sang.

"There isn't!" Maria cried out anew.

"Oh there is. Don't be stubborn." Kelly's voice was getting louder by each word, as if to make her point clear.

"I'm not."

"Are too."

"I'm not."

"Are too."

"Oh, quit it already! I've been watching you for more than a minute now. What is it?" That came from Mandy, a cute brunette with big blue eyes. She was considered as the nerd of the school, because she loved reading and stayed at the library most of the free time.

"Nothing." The two girls said in unison.

"Uhum, you don't want to tell, " she said in an understanding tone.

"It's just that she doesn't want to admit that some 'boy' has a thing for her, " Kelly started whining, with a dramatic eyes roll.

Maria managed to contain her laugh, "He isn't. You're just imagining things."

Maria had enough troubles with her own imagination, let alone bother with Kelly's.

The bell rang, and the girls hurried to class.

Today, Kelly had given Maria a ride to school, and she had yet to see Tyler.

'There is this wall that is building between us, ' Maria mused while walking, 'I think our relationship is coming to a dead end. Naaah, I probably see way too much movies.'

They just had other obligations. Everything shall be fine ... or so she hoped.

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