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   Chapter 1 Meet Mr. Donnovan

My French Teacher Claims I'm his Mate By La_Rose_Semsem Characters: 25269

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We often delude ourselves into believing the little bubble we live in is all there is to the world when, actually, there are far too many things we've never even heard of. The world seems easy to understand yet reality is something else altogether.


Maria was sitting at her desk, just writing random stuff in some paper, when the door opened and the fuss abruptly stopped in the classroom. Walked in the teacher probably. She couldn't say really since she didn't bother to raise her head. She heard whispering though. It couldn't be helped that she started to wonder about what was going on... Nevertheless, she didn't look up.

A very sexy, melodic –and, strangely enough, unfamiliar– voice could be heard from the front of the classroom, "Good morning everyone. I am Mr. Donnovan, your new French teacher."

Said Mr. Donnovan remained quiet for a minute or so, then said in a seemingly hesitant manner, "Err, we could get to know each other today, " then added in a more confident one, "Feel free to ask me any question you'd like."

Maria heard the school bitch, Sandra, ask him how old he was.

'Well, that's weird, ' she thought. 'When did she get interested in teachers as well?'

Sandra was known to like her men –boys– well-built like those of the soccer team. And she had done all of them, hence the nickname Maria had given her.

Still, Maria couldn't bring herself to care. At least, not enough to look up. She therefore continued her doodling.

The teacher answered in what could only be considered as a confused tone, "I'm twenty four, not that it should matter. I'm qualified."

Maria heard some giggling and just rolled her eyes at the shallowness of some girls.

Next question was by Blondie –a.k.a. Becky– who was none other than Sandra's number-one clone, "Are you single?"

At that, Maria grew impossibly curious to see the new teacher. First, they had asked about his age; then, about his situation, taken or free? She had to see him!

She finally raised her head from the desk. To say the view that greeted her was unexpected would be the understatement of the year.

There, sitting on the teacher's desk, was by far the sexiest man she had ever had the chance to lay eyes on. Tall, about six feet, well-built, with large shoulders and a defined chest, a strong angular jaw, high cheekbones, and luscious firm lips to die for.

She then greedily looked up a little more, only to lock eyes with most beautiful forest green ones she had ever seen.

The new French teacher removed a lock of his dark brown, ear-level hair that came blocking his sight, and then finally answered, "I'm actually currently single."

And that was Maria's cue to stop checking out the new teacher and break the eye-contact.

'Oh my god!' she inwardly squealed. She sure as hell wished she hadn't looked up, because the piece of candy that had been assigned to them as a teacher could only mean troubles –with a big T.

Mr Donnovan asked each student to tell him the name, the age and something interesting.

As the first row was basically a sluts-only row, and he started right from it, Maria couldn't suppress the urge to yawn out of boredom. She gradually became more and more absorbed in her thoughts and zoned out for a while. It was only when she heard him calling her name that she broke out of her reveries. Upon seeing him standing right next to her, it was all she could do to hold back a gasp of surprise.

When did he get here?

As she remained frozen in her seat, totally and completely spellbound –though desperately trying to remember whatever it was he had asked– he put his hand on her shoulder. And right away, she became even more aware of him, if that was even possible, because the part of bare skin he touched tingled with small, delicious shocks. It felt as if fireworks were taking place in her stomach, and a wave of desire suddenly came over her, throwing her off guard.

Never had Maria felt so lustful after someone.

She could have sworn she saw his eyes widen for a second then go back to normal, right before he abruptly pulled his hand away.

But maybe that was just her imagination.

The loss of contact made her regain her senses. 'What the hell just happened to me?' She inwardly groaned, feeling too embarrassed to even look at him.

She couldn't wonder too much about it though since his voice came interrupting her train of thoughts. "So, miss, care to tell us about yourself?"

His voice was kind of husky. It couldn't possibly be because of their brief flesh-contact.

It would be totally insane of her to think that, wouldn't it?

'Get a grip girl, ' she mentally reprimanded herself.

Clearing her throat slightly since it had gotten pretty dry, she looked ahead of her and said in what she could only wish sounded like a calm tone, "Well, I'm Maria Jensen, eighteen, and I love playing music."

"Ah, interesting, " he commented from where has was sitting behind his desk. "And on what instrument would that be?"

He actually seemed to care about the answer... No, Maria was probably just imagining things. That had to be it.

She replied in a nonchalant dismissing voice, "I play most of the time on the piano, though sometimes I prefer the violin."

He nodded in acknowledgement, then stated that starting tomorrow there would be no use of English in his class, and that all students ought to speak in French no matter what. Most of the class groaned while Maria smiled briefly. She loved the subject, and excelled at it. Otherwise, she wouldn't be taking this class, feeling oh-so-miserably alone as all of her friends didn't.

As soon as he finished those words, the bell rung, signaling the end of the first period. As Maria rose from her chair, she heard the voice of the guy who was supposed to own her every thought, Tyler, her boyfriend, "Hey baby. How was your first period?"

She looked his way, smiled, then answered truthfully, "Interesting."

He came to her side and gently pecked her lips. Then, with his hand around her waist, they went to their second period together.

Maria noticed, however, as they walked by the teacher's desk, that Mr. Donnovan seemed tense. His right hand was in a fist, and the other gripped the desk tightly. His eyes were closed and his face was nothing but a large scowl.

She was left to wonder about what could have possibly made him upset. He seemed to be fine all through the period.


Today was Blake's first day at Old Mounts High School. He wasn't particularly excited or nervous since it wasn't his first time teaching. Therefore, he was neither hurrying down the hallways nor dragging his feet.

Before entering the classroom that was destined to be his for the time being, he didn't fail to smell the faint scent of freshly spilled blood. He could only assume a student had cut himself or something. Blake took some deep breaths, then stopped breathing all at once.

'Damn that chick for not leaving sooner this morning. I would have fed if I wasn't running late, ' he thought angrily.

He entered the classroom, put his bag on the desk, then turned around and began a very familiar ritual: presenting himself to his pupils for the year, then allowing them to ask questions.

Some blond bimbo –who was batting her eyelashes at him and pulling down her slutty top– asked him about his age in a supposed-to-be seductive tone.

Blake suppressed the urge to frown at her behavior. He might be a player but he didn't do schoolgirls.

He answered in a fake confused tone, "I'm twenty four, not that it should matter. I'm qualified."

She giggled and was soon enough joined by the girls sitting near her. If only they knew just how old he was, they would be running away horrified... Not that he would tell them, of course.

A similarly blonde bimbo then asked him if he was single. 'Oh man, I know I'm good looking but going for the teacher, isn't that against the law or something?' His inner voice turned sarcastic, like it did at times like this.

Mentally sighing, he was about to respond when a girl in the back seat raised her head from the table. He felt unnaturally mesmerized by her features. Her straight black hair was hiding her slightly rosy cheeks, and she was obviously doing him a scanner. Not that he should be complaining. He was giving her the same treatment.

When they actually locked eyes, he was overwhelmed by some unknown warmth in the pit of his stomach, and that's when he answered, "I'm actually currently single."

Blake was glad that the unnamed girl broke their eye-contact because, for some unfathomable reason, he wasn't able to. He was drawn to her in a way that was completely beyond him.

'Yeah, so much for I don't do schoolgirls, ' he thought bitterly. 'It's probably the lack of blood, ' he tried to convince himself a second later.

And just like that, he dismissed the matter from his mind and started getting to know his students as he was supposed to.

When it was the turn of that girl, she didn't say a thing.

What was wrong with her?

He called out confused though, admittedly, he was inwardly sighing, "Miss?"

He expected her to hear him and get out of the trance she was in, but no. Reluctantly, Blake pulled himself up then went to her side. He called out again, and that's when she came back to her senses. She was briefly confused when she saw him standing next to her, then her face went blank for a minute or so...

What was she thinking about? Was she zoning out again?

No way was he going to let her!

He put his hand on her shoulder, that was partly bare because of her sleeveless white shirt, about to shake her out of it, and that's when it hit him –There were tingles everywhere they touched. His senses started to come alive. He felt almost reborn, whole. It was as if he became a new man.

Blake's eyes widened of their own accord briefly, but he recovered in less time than it took to blink.

He was completely consumed by lust, and that was the only reason why he quickly pulled his hand away.

Well, that and the fact that there were students watching them. He was happy the loose pants he was wearing were what he first laid eyes upon this morning when opening the closet… Otherwise, he'd be in for one hell of a rough time.

He breathed in for the first time since he entered the classroom, though he was safe a long time ago, it's just that he got distracted, and that's when he smelled her scent. It was so intoxicating, it drew him even more to her.

'Oh hell and damnation, I'm so whipped already!' He realized, feeling the need for her increase if that was even possible.

He mentally shook himself then said in a quiet tone that, to his utter and complete dismay, came out husky, "So, miss, care to tell us about yourself?"

She cleared her throat–and Blake just hoped she was feeling at least one percent of what he was enduring– then said in a controlled voice, "Well, I'm Maria Jensen, eighteen and I love playing music."

While she was saying that, he returned to his desk, desperate to put some space between them, though, admittedly, he was pained to do so. He was too close for his own comfort and peace of mind, and he couldn't do anything in front of a classroom full of students. Therefore, that had to be his best option.

Blake was about to rest against his desk but thought better of it, and went straight for the chair, thus efficiently hiding his raging hard-on. He then asked her what instrument she played on. It would be safe to say he didn't do a good job at hiding his interest in her.

"I play most of the time on piano though sometimes I prefer the violin, " she said in her melodic voice.

He merely nodded at that, not wanting to ask more about her, for he would definitely find the time to get to know her soon enough.

He then went on about how the students were not to speak to him in other than French during his period and things like that.

Blake was forcing himself not to look her way. What if those beautiful, deep, chocolate-brown eyes of hers were looking right back at him? He was sure he wouldn't be able to look away, and he most definitely did not want to get busted.

Right when the bell rung and she rose from her seat, there was this boy with messy blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, looking at her. He heard him say, "Hey baby. How was your first period?"

'Baby?' Blake inwardly repeated with a mental growl, feeling jealousy gnawing at his insides and something close to fury filling him.

The sweet Maria looked at

the guy, smiled warmly then answered with a simple "Interesting".

Blake watched the foreign student as he went to her side, pecked her lips, and then actually put his arm around her waist... And all of that in front of him!

Blake was on the verge of losing control. She had a boyfriend, one that needed to keeps his hands to himself on the top of that. He didn't even want to know how deep they were in their relationship, for he didn't want to do something foolish –like killing him– so soon in the morning. He sensed that his eyes were about to change, and that's why he closed them, and remained right where he was. He took deep breaths, and kept thinking of different ways to get his mate away from that jerk she was with, all the while gripping the desk with his left hand pretty tightly, and fisting the other hand in pure frustration.


Soon enough, it was time for lunch and Maria was heading towards the cafeteria, walking hand-in-hand with Tyler.

She was suddenly blinded by a pair of soft familiar hands. Maria giggled then said playfully, "Grow up, Kelly. Come on!"

Her best friend removed her hands, and smiled warmly at her before telling her jokingly, "I'm not that immature."

Maria gave her an unbelieving 'yeah, right' look then, feeling as if it wasn't enough, added, "Yes, you are. Most of the time." She made sure to drawl the 'most' part before hurrying to say, upon seeing her friend narrowing her eyes in mock anger, "But I love you anyway."

Kelly laughed and nodded, agreeing readily, all the while Tyler didn't take part in the discussion, until then at least, when he smilingly commented, "Good to see you're in a good mood now, Kelly."

She sighed then said with a dreamy tone, "Who wouldn't be? I have just seen the new French teacher, " she paused to sigh again."I don't think it should be legal to be that hot. He is so edible."

Maria laughed at her statement whereas Tyler frowned, "Ew. He's a teacher for god's sake!"

"So?" Kelly simply glared at him. "We are both adults for all I care."

Maria smiled at her stubbornness but observed in a serious tone, "But it's against the school policy."

The bubbly blonde simply dismissed the thought with a wave of her hand, then, looking at her, said with obvious envy, "You are so lucky to have a reason to stare at him for a whole hour."

Maria just grinned, and couldn't help but agree, "Yes, I am. But so are Sandra and her clones." She added nodding their way as they walked by them.

Tyler asked in fake distress, his eyes widening in a funny way, "You are on her side?"

Maria wanted to tease him a little thus she answered truthfully, "Well, he is handsome –very handsome." She put emphasis on the 'very' part, wanting to see his reaction.

He narrowed his eyes, and asked in a serious tone, "Is that so?"

Maria just squeezed his hand, and told him in a husky tone while eying him up and down, "But I like you more."

Though, if she were to be truthful, they were like worlds apart. Too different to be even compared! But she didn't want to think about her teacher when she was with the most caring boyfriend a girl could dream of.

Tyler seemed relieved. Then, smirking and pulling her a tiny bit closer, he said in a teasing tone: "I definitely can't complain about you either, babe."

Maria rolled her eyes at that, smiling, but Kelly couldn't suppress the urge to bug him, "I have to be honest with you, bro, since your girl isn't, " she looked at her best friend, her eyes twinkling with mischief, "He is way sexier!" She made sure to drawl the 'way', then added in a lust-filled tone. "He is just yummy. Unlike you." She finished in a seemingly disgusted tone, just before she took off, going to bring her trail of food.

He stood there, glaring at her for a moment, and then snapped out of it. "Sometimes, I wish she wasn't my twin... she can be so childish!" He admitted in a slightly irritated tone.

Maria just laughed, and tugged at his arm so that they could go stand in the line too. She didn't want to be late for her afternoon's first period on her first day back to school.


At the end of the day, Maria was walking out of the school building, talking to Kelly while holding hands with Tyler when he unexpectedly said as they reached the parking lot, "Sorry, babe, but I've got to go. Today we have the tryouts."

His girlfriend smiled at him understandingly, then told him it was okay, and that she'd see him tomorrow. Despite her not knowing of his desire to join the team, she brushed it off and did not think anything of it.

He smiled back, and that's when she tiptoed and kissed him lightly on the lips. It was just a peck since she was not really a girl for heavy PDA.

Maria felt as if someone was watching them –her. She turned around, and looked but there was nobody in sight that seemed to look at her.

"What's wrong?" Tyler asked, confusion clear on his face.

Maria shoved the silly thought away, and smiled at him before saying, "Nothing. Just go, or you'll be late for the tryouts."

He pulled her to him for another sweet, though a tad longer kiss, then walked away while waving goodbye.

Maria had again the feeling of being watched but when she turned around this time, she found the new teacher looking in her direction –intently, she might add. She involuntarily flinched, and that was when he decided to enter his car.

What the hell? He was looking at her as if she did something to upset him... he looked angry.

'No. It has to be something else, ' she reasoned.

Kelly pressed on the honk, and Maria just dismissed the insanity she had on her mind. He was a teacher and in his twenties for god's sake!

No way was he sparing her as much as a thought. She was just another student to him after all. He, on the other hand, had actually claimed one hell of a place in her mind in no more than one day.

'I couldn't possibly be having a crush on my new teacher, could I? Not that it would lead to anything. One look at him is sufficient to know he has no problem getting laid at all whenever he wants –without a doubt. I, on the other hand, am quite plain, with black hair and dull brown eyes... There is no way he could view me the way I do him.'

Kelly sighed from next to her, bringing Maria out of her musings. She turned to her left, where she was impatiently drumming on the wheel, and noticed that we were in front of the house she loosely called home.

She had a frown on her beautiful face as she observed in a grave tone that was not like her bubbly self, "You were way too silent for my liking."

"I'm tired of doing the talking, " Maria shrugged carelessly, shamelessly grinning at her.

Her best friend narrowed her eyes at her, and that was Maria's cue to prepare herself for the speech to come, "You know, you zone out way too much. If there is something that is bothering you that I don't know about..."

"You better tell me what it is, or who it is, and we will solve the problem just like two plus two equals four." Maria finished for her in a feigned weary tone.

Kelly glared at her at first, then suddenly burst off laughing and, soon enough, Maria couldn't help but join her.

"I never realized how many times I said the same damn thing, " her friend told her in between gasps.

She had been laughing so hard that, by the end of her little fit, she had tears trickling down her cheeks. That was the thing with Kelly: if she laughed too much, one must prepare some handkerchiefs.

She wiped away her pearly drops, then repeatedly blinked her blue eyes before gaining back her calm and saying in a tone so sincere it left Maria feeling warm inside, "Anyway, you know I'm here for you, and I'll always be. Right?"

"I know, " was the truthful answer she got, as a small smile tugged at Maria's mouth."You worry too much about me."

The blonde mumbled something like, "Someone has to."

Pain slashed through Maria at that, but she forced herself to smile, then just hugged her in response. It was of no hardship for her, since she had grown used to hiding her feelings. 'Practice does make perfect, ' she inwardly sighed bitterly.

Mentally shaking her head, clearing her mind from the depressing thoughts awaiting her if she were to continue down that road, Maria told Kelly goodbye, then opened her car's door to slide in the afternoon's warmth.

As she knocked on the door of the big house in front of her, Maria could hear her best friend taking off. She took some deep breaths, and prepared herself for what was to come her way.

How could she ever feel home here when the bitch she had for a stepmother made her life a living hell?

Teresa, the maid, opened the door for Maria, her smiling face of great solace to her. She was about thirty or something, and was a really nice lady.

"Good afternoon, " Maria greeted her cheerfully, inwardly hoping the bitch wasn't home.

The maid responded with a warm smile upon her face, "Good afternoon, sweetie. How was your first day back at school?"

Maria was about to answer when a high-pitched voice –that belonged to none other than her stepmother– reached them. "You are late, Maria, " she reprimanded, "What kept you so long?"

'My day has been fine, very good even, until about now, ' Maria thought, inwardly sighing in dismay.

She felt a frown forming on her face while Teresa, smiling apologetically, put her hand on the small of her back, ushering her to where El Diablo was – the living-room.

There, seated on the big white sofa, in front of the TV was Maria's very slutty, very touchy and absurdly dumb stepmother. She had shoulder-length blond hair, big baby blue eyes that did not suit her –they were contacts anyway. With a small figure, a thin waist, big remade boobs, heavy make-up, and barely enough clothes to cover her, she looked like nothing but a cheap whore.

She was reddening. Maria could only guess that it was due to the fact that she had yet to answer her. Her disdain-filled stare maybe had something to do with that as well. 'Well, serves you right!' Maria thought angrily.

"You could answer me when I talk to you." Her stepmom was glaring daggers at her but she could not care less.

"Yeah… but I prefer not to, " she countered in the coldest tone she could muster.

Maria averted her eyes and looked at the window, waiting for her to tell her whatever she had called her for.

'Just get done with it already, ' she wanted to tell her but refrained from doing so, for she could do without the additional minutes she'd have to spend listening to her.

"Your father should have never brought you here, " she all but yelled while jumping out of the sofa.

A smirk played on the corner of Maria's mouth, and she could not help talking back to her, her voice dripping with sarcasm, while eying her stepmom up and down, "My father should wear glasses as well."

To say her stepmom was fuming would not even begin to describe it.

Maria was usually not this 'straightforward' with her, but as she turned eighteen last week, she was now capable of walking out of that door without looking back anytime she wanted. And if it weren't for her little half-brother whom she loved to no end, she would not have thought about it twice.

'Argh, life is unfair sometimes, ' she mentally groaned. 'Scratch that. Life is unfair most of the time.'

Clara –aka El Diablo– clapped her hands a couple of times as if to get her attention then said in her high-pitched voice, "Do you even listen to me?"

"What do you want?" Maria asked in surrender, sighing as she looked expectantly at her.

"I'm going out, having a little girls' time with Shelby and Emma, ' she informed her as she turned around, making a beeline for the door. "You stay home and baby-sit."

It was not a request but an order.

Maria shrugged since she didn't have anything to do anyway and nowhere to go. Might as well make the evening enjoyable a little bit.

She claimed she was going to have some girls' time with her friends but Maria knew better. It only meant she was in need of some action, and she was going to get it, since Maria's father was almost always absent. She was going to screw the brains out of some random guy whose looks and name she won't remember by the end of the night.

'If only my father saw her for what she was, not for what she looked like, ' Maria thought somewhat bleakly, 'Not that I care, ' she almost immediately squashed the feeling of pity she was getting… He was not what one would consider a father.

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