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   Chapter 60 Epilogue

My Sister's Keeper By Bill Benners Characters: 5117

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OVER THE NEXT FEW MONTHS, we would come to know ourselves, Charlie, and Mother in ways we never imagined. I looked behind the disfigurement of my father and discovered myself within him. His love of the arts, his passion for the theatre, and his gentle manner mirrored mine, and made me as proud of him as he was of me. The tension in my life disappeared. Whatever I'd been running from no longer chased me. I'd been set free.

Charlie and Mom married the following spring and she became Mrs. Winston Gaylord. She sold her house and moved to the farm. I've never seen her happier.

Dane Bonner was eventually found guilty of the murders of Scott McGillikin and Ashleigh Matthews as well as two of the missing Wilmington girls. He was sentenced to death.

I did make it to Broadway, after all. Twice in fact. Sydney and I went to New York on our honeymoon that first Christmas after Gus died where she took dance classes during the day at Broadway Dance Center, then saw many of her instructors performing in the shows we took in on Broadway at night.

We were back in New York again just last month to accompany Martha to a book signing at Barnes & Noble for her new bestselling novel, Down in Flames. When she arrived, the line waiting for autographs stretched out the front door to the sidewalk. Everyone applauded when she arrived and walked in on crutches.

After returning from the book signing in New York, I sat on the back deck and watched the sky grow dark in the west stroking the long black and tan fur on the feli

ut. Thunder boomed a short distance away and Tux bolted back in the open door.

"'Torm coming, " Charlie shouted.

"You got that right, Buddy!" I said clapping my hands together. "Come here, Tiger."

The toddler bobbled along with Sydney bent forward holding his hands to help him keep his balance. I reached out, lifted him, and set him on my lap. "Say hello to Mr. Sam, Charlie."

Charlie just sat and looked at Sam.

"Growing up, ain't he?" Sam said pulling at Charlie's toes.

"They do that."

As thunder clapped and leaves fluttered across the ground, my son bobbed up and down on my knee slapping his hands together.

"I don't understand, " Sydney said. "Most children run from storms, but Little Charlie wants to be right in the middle of it."

"Takes after his daddy, " I said.

Sydney leaned down and kissed my forehead, her long hair spilling around my face until thunder exploded nearby sending her racing back inside.

Charlie laughed and clapped his hands together.

"'Torm coming!"

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