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   Chapter 51 No.51

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I DROPPED SYDNEY OFF at her dance school and found Sam Jones in his office picking through a muddy stack of canceled checks and file folders. There were several more mud-caked boxes on the floor around him. He leaned back in his chair. "I'm sorry about your sister, Richard. I never expected Martha to do anything like that. She must have been a lot worse off than everyone thought."

"She didn't do that to herself, Sam. Somebody pushed her."

"I know it's hard to believe she'd—"

"No, really, Sam. That's what I came to see you about. I found some things on her computer I think you need to see." I set the laptop on his desk. "And I think I know who did it."

"Did what?"

"Who tried to kill her."

"Oh, for Christ's sake, Richard. Now you're as bad as her—trying to play detective."

"Please. Just give me a minute. One minute." I dug the ring from my pocket and handed it to him. "Look at that and tell me what you see."

"It…looks like a class ring to me. UNC. There's a million of them around Wilmington."

"Look at the name inside."

He sighed, propped his elbows on his desk, and looked inside the ring. "Robert Scott McGillikin. The attorney?"

"I believe so."

He handed the ring back to me. "I'm sur

to come up with more than that."

My eyes dropped from his face to the checks on his desk. One stack had toppled over and were spread such that the signatures all lined up one on top the other. But one in the group was different. "Did you say these were Bonner's?" I reached for one of the checks.

"Don't touch that!"

I withdrew my hand and pointed. "I couldn't help but notice that the signature on that one is different from the rest."

Sam leaned forward and, using his pencil eraser, slipped the check out of the stack. It was signed Scott McGillikin. He compared the signature to a few of the others. "Well I'll be damned. Looks like Mr. Bonner forgot which checkbook he was using."

My cell phone rang. It was Mother.


"Richie, you need to come now. Martha's taken a turn for the worse."

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