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   Chapter 37 No.37

My Sister's Keeper By Bill Benners Characters: 6548

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SYDNEY DROVE SLOWLY up the beach highway as she and Martha scrutinized the houses along the oceanfront looking for Richard's bike. Cars backed up behind them and gunned around them when opportunities arose.

"It's got to be somewhere along here, " Martha whispered. "It's not much farther to the end of the road."

An impatient driver pulled out to pass just as a pair of headlights up the road turned onto the highway facing them. But instead of pulling back in behind her, the car sped up in an effort to get around her and abruptly veered to the right cutting them off. Jerking the wheel to the right, Sydney locked the brakes, her van skidding off the highway bouncing to a stop in deep sand as the two opposing cars continued on, as though nothing had happened.

Sydney whispered, "You okay?"

Pulling on the handle above her door, Martha winced. "I think so."

Restarting the engine, Sydney tried to move the van, but the rear tires spun freely in the loose sand.

Martha pointed out the windshield. "Hello. Could that be it?"

With her foot off the gas Sydney surveyed the three-story house sitting high above the sand just up the road. "See any sign of Richard?"

"That's got to be the place. Pull up so we can get a better look."

Sydney pressed the gas and again the rear tires spun freely in the loose sand. "Haven't you noticed? We're stuck!"

"Okay, let's not worry about that right now. You need to find Richard and whatever else you can about this house. Names, addresses, license numbers, phone numbers—"

"Me? What do you want me to do, break in?"

Martha sighed. "Sydney, I swear. One of us has to do it. It's you or me."

Sydney pressed her foot on and off the gas pedal, rocking the van back and forth. "No…no…"

Martha unbuckled her seatbelt. "Then I'm going in. I just need a little help getting into that chair."

Sydney banged her palms against the steering wheel. "Wait! Please!"

"Somebody in that house sh

One of them walked right by me to get a pair of shovels."


"He put them in the trunk with the two cardboard boxes."

"My God! They're going to bury whatever's in those boxes."

"It was just a bunch of papers. Some of it blew out including that piece of newspaper."

"We've got to follow them!"

"Haven't you noticed? We're stuck!"

"Floor it!"

Sydney jammed the gas pedal against the floor again and held it there while the two of them rocked back and forth in their seats, nudging the van forward as smoke from the spinning tires drifted across the road. When headlights appeared up the highway coming toward them, Sydney turned on the vehicle's lights, but kept her foot on the gas. Back and forth they rocked as the car drew nearer. Suddenly, the rear tires found solid ground and the van lurched onto the highway directly into the path of the approaching vehicle.

"Shit!" Martha cried clutching the door handle as the oncoming car braked and skidded past them with its horn blaring.

"Sorry, " Sydney said, correcting the van with the steering wheel as it fishtailed across the highway. "I was afraid it would do that."

Martha laid her head back against the seat and exhaled. "Forget the car. Let's just go see what we can find out about this license plate number."

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