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   Chapter 36 No.36

My Sister's Keeper By Bill Benners Characters: 4105

Updated: 2018-05-28 11:06

MARTHA AIMLESSLY SURFED the TV channels while waiting to hear from Richard. When the phone rang, she snapped it up immediately.


"Martha, this is Sydney Deagan."

"Hey! Richard told me he'd seen you. How've you been?"

"I just called his cell phone and someone else answered."

Martha pushed up in the bed. "Are you sure you called the right number? "


"He went to Wrightsville beach to do something for me."

"I know, but something must have gone wrong."

The TV station broke into their regular programming with a special report. "Hold on a second, " Martha said. "There's something's happening on TV." Martha raised the volume.

"…body of a young female was discovered just minutes ago behind a restaurant in Wrightsville Beach. Police at this time have not identified the girl and are giving no other details. We have a team headed there now and we'll bring you more information as we get it."

Martha flung the covers aside ignoring the pain shooting into one ankle. "They found another girl's body. This one down at the beach. I have to go down there. Can you come and get me? I'm at mom's."

"Yes. Be there in fifteen minutes."

Martha ended the call and tried Richard's number. Wh

ains, and laid the contents of the black bag in front of him. A respirator mask, goggles, thick rubber gloves, and a bottle of potassium cyanide.

He opened a box of sleeping capsules, dumped half of each capsule's contents into the trash, and—with the respirator, gloves, and goggles on—refilled them with the deadly white powder. Forcing the capsules back together, he wiped them clean and dropped them into an empty medicine bottle.

Tossing the gloves, goggles, and respirator into the trash, he unlocked the door and located Albert on the second floor.

"Find César and send him to my office."

"Yes sir."

"And give each of the girls one of these." He handed Albert the bottle of capsules. "Make sure they take it. Aye want them to get a good night's sleep and be ready to start early in the morning."

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