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Fabian POV


On Thursday morning, I closed the front door and hugged Silva and Darius for a last goodbye before the holidays. During the holiday season, I let all my staff take a break and spent time with their families.

It was something generous of me to do so since the beginning. I wasn't going to be selfishly holding them back and made them work to death; that's not how I was raised. Besides, they do need a break from me and I do need a break from them as well.

To my Mustang, I packed placed all my belongings in the trunk along with Anastasia's stuff. Anastasia finally by and went in the passenger seat.

She was on the phone talking with Alexis about something. I finally locked the door, placed my alarm system in the house, secured my code at the gate and started to get in the driver's seat.

''Okay, I'll talk to you later, '' Anastasia said, placing an end at the call.

''Everything's okay?'' I asked, placing my seatbelt on.

''Yeah, everything's okay. Just checking up on Alexis, ready?''

''Yes, ready.'''

I restarted the car and drove out from the driveway and begin to navigate my way to Axel's new home. He invited the both of us to join and sleepover at his place along with a few family members that came from Italy, and including my cousin Xavier.

On the road, Anastasia and I started to eat up our snacks as we both drive to Atlanta.

By three-thirty, we arrived at Axel's new home in Northside Drive.

''Wow, '' Anastasia said as I parked next to Axel's car.

''I know, just wait til' we get in, '' I said, unlocking the doors.

''Anastasia, Fabian, welcome to my home!" Axel cheered.

''Axel, this is beautiful, '' Anastasia responded.

''I know, just wait til' you get inside.''

''--That's what I said, '' I smiled. I unlocked the trunk and started to take all of the belongings out.

''Let me help you, '' Axel said. He took some of Anastasia's stuff and carried it in the house. I met up with Axel, Anastasia, and Scarlette with little Meo in the living room.

''Hi Fabian, '' Scarlette greeted me with a hug.

''Hi Scarlette, '' I hugged her back.

We sat down on the couch and started up the conversation about Thanksgiving. A doorbell ringed from afar and Axel went his way towards the door.


nsils and started to dig in the food. Anastasia and I walked over to the porch and sat down on the chairs near the fountain. We started eating up our meals and begin to talk to each other.

Abruptly, Anastasia's phone vibrated from her purse which made her stop eating and confirm the notification.

''It's Alexis, '' she said, looking up to me.

''Go ahead, I'll wait.''


I smiled and watched her walked away from me when Xavier came through with a plate of food in his hand.

''Whew, '' he whistled with a smack at the end.


''Nothing. You guys are a lovely couple.''

''Thanks, '' I said in a monosyllable tone.

''You're welcome.''

''Seriously? What is with you trying to push my buttons when it comes to Anastasia?''

''Dude, relax I'm just messing around.''

''Well, stop messing around. Grow up.''

''Loosen up kid, I said it was a joke, '' he smirked.

I stood up drastically from my chair and went closer to him. He was breathing heavily, backing up as I arched my brows, irritated to Xavier's childish games.

''Let's see how much of a joke when I start throwing hands at you.''

''Can't threat me, you're my cousin. Just need to know how to just loosen up sometimes.''

''I will, when you back off.''

Anastasia cleared her throat to grab my attention. ''Am I interrupting something?''

''Nope, just saying how much I missed my cousin, '' Xavier lied with a smirk. ''See ya.''

''Fabian?'' Anastasia questioned.

''Let's continue to eat. Shall we?''

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