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'Are we there yet?'' I said to Fabian.

He chuckled. ''Almost.'' Fabian continued to cover my eyes and escorted me to this secret spot that we were heading to.

''Okay, one, two, three.'' He released his hands and made me wander around the area.


''Oh... My... Gosh, '' I whispered, smiling so hard when Fabian showed me the picnic date at the beach. Next to me, I saw watermelons, chips, sandwiches, champagne, and other fruits inside the basket.

I turned to Fabian cheesing so hard and said ''I can't believe you did this.''

''Of course, like I said, I'd do anything for you, you're my girl. Come on, sit down.''

We sat down right across from each other as we begin to dig into the food. Fabian passed me a wine glass and poured the champagne into the glass. I started eating the sandwiches, the fruits, and eating a couple of small cookies.

Fabian and I begin to talk about random topics like food, tv shows, music, traveling, things that we've rambled about for so long that spiced up our conversations.

''It was crazy, my dad's reaction was so priceless, '' I laughed, referring to a car accident that Alexis and I went through.

During high school, we both decided to sneak out of the house to go to a back to school party at the Richardson's house. The most popular-rich boys in the football team, Christian, and Caine invited us to their home for the party.

After coming home, Alexis ran through the yellow light which leads to crashing in with another car.

''Seriously?'' Fabian chuckled.

''Yes, seriously. My dad made the both of us work at Starbucks to payback with the insurance and what not. But I must say, working at Starbucks was

A group of Fijians surprised the guests at the dinner with a slow rhythmic tone from their entrance. Everyone surrounded by us begins to stand up and dance with their partner.

Michael got up from his seat and let out his hand to Jenna for a dance. Fabian stood up from his seat and let out his hand to me, signaling that he wanted to dance with me.

''S'il Vous pla?t [please]?'' He pouts his mouth.

''Yes, mon amour [my love].''

I got up from my seat as Axel got up from his and dance with a random Fijian woman. Fabian and I were close to the group as they were signing in their native language in a slow romantic song.

My head was on Fabian's chest as my hands were tied into his. We were rocking back and forth, slowly dancing and I could feel Fabian's heartbeat.

Hearing someone else's heartbeat is, to me, as close as you can get to them. It's one of the most calming and peaceful things in the world. When I looked up to Fabian, I could see myself within him. Seeing a future, new memories, and new obstacles that I am going to face with Fabian.

It's just the beginning and I'm okay with that.

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