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The chapter contains sexual content

Anastasia POV

''Ana! This is so beautiful! Fuck, I'm so jealous!'' Alexis exclaimed through FaceTime.

''Right? Oh my gosh, you would've loved it here, we just finished horseback riding and now we're about to get ready for dinner.''

''I'm glad you're having fun Ana, I really do.''

''Yeah, I'm glad too.''

''Are you okay?''

''Trying to be. I don't know Fabian is acting so weird all of the sudden. I wanted to ask but I just didn't want to jump to conclusions. It's killing me.''

''You don't think it has to deal with..''

''--Taylor? Fuck no. I hope not, he just had a restraining order against her. There's no way in hell that he's acting weird because of her."

"I mean, you never know. That girl would not stop until she gets enough of him."

I sighed and frowned thinking of an imaginative crazy scenario of Taylor sneaking back into Fabian's life.

I know it's not true but overthinking this really can switch up my mind. Besides, Fabian has already put up with Taylor so much so there's no way in hell she is sneaking her way back to him.

''Yeah, you're right.''

''Ana, listen. Don't overthink this okay? He told you that he's going to talk about it soon, you're just going to have to be patient and see what he says.''

''Yeah, I think I'm going to do that.''

''Okay, well, I got to go but I'll talk to you soon?''

''Yes, of course.''

At dinner, I was sitting across from Fabian as Axel, Michael, and his so-called girlfriend Jenna came over to the table and sat with us.

A choir of Fijians was performing on a stage with a rhythmic Island Music, adding with a ukelele, drums and couple of dancers to a Welcoming Song.

The dancers came around to each guest in different tables, passing around island-flower necklaces and candy as well. After the performance, everyone clapped and resumed back to their normal social activity.

''So, any plans tomorrow? I'm thinking parasailing, '' Michael said.

''I'm down, '' Jenna giggled.

''Me too, ''

''Fabian, oh fuck!'' I moaned.

With force, he turns me to the side in a spooning position and continued to thrust inside of me. He kissed me again while fucking me in a speed motion, releasing my deep orgasm in front of his face.

After one last push, I turned my self over to him and kissed him gently on his neck and lips.

''I feel so much so better, '' He smiled.

''You're so bad.''

''Only for you. Wanna keep going?''

''Hell yeah, '' I giggled.

The morning after, I was awake to Fabian's voice, communicating with one of the room services about breakfast. I quickly got my shirt and fixed my hair then walked over to the kitchen area.

''Thank you so much, '' Fabian said to a woman after he closed the door. ''Good morning, '' he said, placing the breakfast on top.

''Good morning. Pancakes, Eggs, French toast with bacon. Delicious.''

''Just like you.'' He winked.

''Don't start.''

''It's the truth, '' Fabian replied, stick a fork into the pancakes.

''So, this quote-on-quote-plan you have with me is true?''

''Well, yeah.''

''Oh really? Thought you said it because you didn't want to parasail.''

''Well part of it was because of that but honestly, I just want to spend time with you. I owe you some attention.''

''And what do you want to exactly?''

''I have something in mind. Just wait and see.''

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