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Fabian POV

"Fabian, "Silva's voice echoed. I was standing there, stiff like a rock, deciding whether to hang up or break down my emotions all at once.

I couldn't believe this. I couldn't believe this was happening to me.

Mixed emotions were cluttering in my mind like a huge cloud, holding on to the heavy rain.

I started to question why would she come to my house uninvited or why did it take her so long to get to me?

Everything surrounded me suddenly was a blur. It felt like I was disappearing from my phone to another island and to another planet.

"Fabian?" Silva said again.

I shake my head off from my hypnosis and responded "Yes?"

"Should I call the police?"

"No!" I said in a snappy tone then inhaled quickly. "I mean no, " I said in a gentle way.

"What should I do with this box?"

"Open it."

Silva begins to walk her way to the kitchen area and grabs a utensil to open the box that my mother gave me. The popping noises made me anxious and it was making me feel impatient with Sylvia's quest.

"Oh okay, " she finally said.

"What is it?"

"Letters, a lot of letters. And pictures of you when you were a child. Oh, and a necklace that says"

"— You are my sunshine? Right?" I asked rhetorically.


"Okay, place all the items in the storage room. After you do that go home, tell the others that they are on vacation for now until I get back."

"Okay thank you, Fabian."

"You're welcome, Silva."

After closing the phone, I head onto the bed and placed my arm around Anastasia's waist.

It was still confusing how this was happening to me. If anything, I would've thought she wouldn't care to give me a ''memory box'' for my birthday, or even had the nerve to place the gift at home.

There were so many unanswered questions that I have in mind but I didn't know where to start.

The morning after, I was wide awake to the sounds of the water running in the bathroom. I got up from my bed, took a quick bite of some scrambled eggs and pancakes, brush my teeth then joined with Anastasia in the shower.

She turns herself around and placed her head on my chest while I run my hands all over her lower back.

''Good morning honey, '' she said.

''Good morning.''

''You okay?''

''Yeah, I'm fine, I promise.'' I lean over to her face and planted my lips on her nose and to her soft lips.

After cleansing together, we switch out to our causal beachy clothing for the activity that Michael booked us.

''Hey Ana, I'm going to meet you at the lobby, gotta meet up with Axel for a minute.''

''Oh, okay, '' she sighed. ''Umm. Do I have to wait too long?''

''No, it's just a few minutes.''

''Okay, I'll meet you t

time and started to kiss. He finally lets me go as I continue to swim around.

Over the next twenty minutes, Fabian and I swim around the waterfall. We swim back to the shoreline and place our causal clothes on meeting up with Axel and Michael by the jeep.

We drove over to a Canyons Adventure Park for our next adventure stop to zip line through the tropical forest.

At the park, Michael purchased us zip line equipment for us including purchasing tickets for horseback riding and cattle herding that the conservation area offers.

''Any more questions?'' Said the tall bald man, one of the staff members at the park.

All four of us shook our heads no. ''Great! Enjoy your time here!'' He cheered.

''Ladies first, '' said Axel.

''Okay baby, you got this?'' Fabian said to me after clicking on my helmet.

''Of course, I do, I haven't zip line since the tenth grade. I'll be fine. Meet you on the other side?''

''Of course.''

I count to three and jumped, zipping through the tropical forest within ten minutes. I made it to the other side and waited for Fabian, Axel, and Michael to come over to the other side.

''Shit that was amazing!'' Michael said.

''Hell yeah, '' Axel giggled as the three of us take off our zip line equipment and gave them back to the staff.

From afar, I saw Fabian on his phone looking down with an irritated expression on his face. He places the phone back and came up to me acting like nothing is going on.

''Ready for the horseback riding?'' He forcefully smiled.

''Yeah, I am. Fabian, are you sure you're okay?''

''Why'd you ask babe?''

''You just seems so... tense.''

He stammered and cleared his throat. ''I'll tell you a later.''


''Baby, I'll tell you later. Okay?''

''Yeah, okay, '' I whispered.

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