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This chapter contains a sexual content

Fabian POV

''Woah, cousin. Take it easy! I was just messing around, ''Xavier said, placing his hands in surrender and walked out away from the both of us.

Coming to my direction, Axel gave me the nod to talk to him privately.

''Hey, um Axel wants to talk to me privately, do you mind if I leave you alone for a few minutes?''

''No, I don't mind at all, '' Anastasia replied.

''Okay, I'll be back and try to stay away from Xavier since he's heart-eyeing at you.''

She snickered. ''I will.''

We peck-kissed as I left Anastasia and met up with Axel in the kitchen. Axel was leaning against the counter with his drink in his hand.

''Brother, you need me?'' I asked.

''Yes, we need to talk.''

''About what?'' I took a glass up from the cabinets and placed it down on the counter. Then, I popped out the champagne and begin to pour it into the glass.

''It's about mom.''

''What about her?''

''Well, I helped her to get a visa and now she is able to live in France for a few months. She's going to be there next year.''

''Good to know.''

''You know I wish you just at least cared a bit when it comes to her. She loves you.''

I snickered. ''I'll see it when I believe it.''

''You don't have to be such an asshole Fabian. I did the right thing to help her out with everything. She on the other hand always wants to know how you're doing. I just wish you give a fuck.''

''Well, I wish you would stop shoving it up in my face everytime you talk about her.''

''Because she our mother and she still cares about us. Especially you. Why do you always think I want to spend time with her? I always make sure that she gets a daily update on your grinch ass."

''You know I've always wondered if Dad was still alive, how much he would be pissed off to hear his own son is seeing mom on the down low.''

''I did it because I care Fabian. You know there are always two sides to every story. Maybe you should try to listen to hers.''

''Yeah, okay.''


I quaffed on my drink and wipe the extra juice away from me. Coming in, Michael walked to us being rowdy with clapping his hands to get our attention.

''Yo! Yo! Yo! The Lange Brothers! The fuck you two doing back here?!'' He said, patting our backs with enthusiasm.

''Nothing, I was just talking, '' Axel replied in a dull tone.

''Well, enough talking and let's party! Come on you two, loosen up, stop being a bunch of crybabies we are at a barbecue

closer to me which made him fall on top of me.

He chuckled. "Damn baby. Wanna keep going?"

"Yes, I do."

Tuesday morning and I was fully awake from the wild sex I had with Fabian. I was finishing up with my shower and put on my casual clothes then met up with Fabian in the kitchen for breakfast.

"Good morning Anastasia, " said Chef Lazzaro as he passed me a plate of my breakfast.

"Good morning, " I replied with a soft smile.

"— Yes, Beverly. Take the time you need, " Fabian said on the phone.

He came to me and kissed me on my shoulder as of "Good morning."

"Good morning, " I said to him.

After he hangs up the phone he called over Silva and another maid to give them a rundown of what's happening.

"Beverly can't make it so I need you two just to stay till three and you're free to go."

"Thank you Mr.Lange, " said Macie, the other maid.

"Of course."

Fabian sits right across of me and we begin to eat breakfast together in peace. After we both finished up, I met up with Fabian in the bedroom as he was preparing for work.

"I can't believe I'm staying and you have to go to Atlanta, " I said, placing my heels on.

"Well, love, I'm sorry but it's something with Angels I have to deal with. I wish I could take you with me but it's a private

Meeting. Plus, I promise Tiffany to be my understudy."

"Tiffany?" I giggled.

He chuckled softly and said: "Yes, she's smarter than you think. Besides, it won't be long, it's only for the day."

I frowned. "I understand."

"I'll make it up to you, I promise."

"You would?"

"Of course, I would do anything for you, Anastasia. I love you."

"I love you too."

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