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Fabian POV

It was a Sunday morning and I was packing my belongings in my suitcase. The second event with Colors International was canceled due to the unexpected storm that happened last night.

Luckily, Colors International was generous to negotiate another plan for the collection sometime in the future. We were all able to go back in the charter bus to Tallahassee around one o'clock in the afternoon.

At the Corporations, everyone said their goodbyes and separated to their cars. I was with Anastasia back to her apartment as she grabs her belongings to say in with me.

I convinced Anastasia to stay longer with me so it'd be easier for us to spend time together. Fortunately, it worked and I was very ecstatic about her decision to be with me.

''Got everything?'' I asked, placing her duffle bags and suitcase back in my trunk.

''Yes, '' she replied and went in the car.

I restarted the car and begin to drive to my place.

''You know Ana, I wish you could actually live with me. It'd be nice to stay.''

''That's a huge step. I don't know if I could handle living with a millionaire for long, '' she chuckled.

I chortled. ''You're right. But, would you consider thinking about it? Now that your sister is overseas and we're together, I just thought maybe it would be better to have you with me.''


''Please? Just think about it?''

''Okay, I'll think about it.'' She leans forward and kissed me on the side of my cheek slowly then pushes herself back to the seat.

At my place, we arrived at the gate and I was able to get through after placing my code in. I parked in the garage lot along with my two Mustangs and a motorcycle.

I gathered Anastasia's duffle bags and follo

r into the house.

''Ax, '' I shouted as I went outdoors.

''Fabian! You made it!" He said, coming to me with a brotherly handshake. Anastasia, it's good to see you.''

''It's good to see you too, '' she replied with a light handshake.

''Where's Michael?'' I asked

''Right over there.''

I turned my head over and saw him surrounded by two women with a drink in his hand. He gave me a foolish thumbs up with a wink and continued to talk with the ladies.

''I'll catch you up later, got to run something real quick, '' Axel said.


I interlock my hands with Anastasia's and showed her around the house. Going back, I helped around with the BBQ and also introduced Anastasia to some of Axel's friends.

''Anastasia, this is my cousin Xavier, Xavier this is Anastasia.''

He kissed the back of Anastasia's hand with a flirtatious lip bite. He sighed and continued ''Anastasia, never seen a beautiful girl like you before.''

''Ummm, thank you, " she replied timidly.

''Are you free tonight?" He smirked.

''-Woah, back off she's mine, '' I interrupted.

'''Since when?''

''Since now. She's my girlfriend.''

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