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Fabian POV

"Thank you so much, Sebastian, " I said to him after meeting up with the Miami team for this event.

"You're very welcome Mr.Lange, " he said to me, walking back to the venue.

I searched for Anastasia and finally locked my eyes at her as she sits down at a table near the window.

Anastasia looked incredibly beautiful tonight. Her curves showing off from her dress, the makeup, and the hair perfectly matched her appearance for the event.

And I couldn't wait to tear her up with my hands as soon as we get to the suite. My sexual tension with Anastasia is strong now that I've actually seen her fully naked and pleasure her.

"Ana, you okay?" I asked, placing my right hand on her chin to get her attention.

"I'm fine, " She responded in a delicate tone.

My brows arched in curiosity to see her all gloomy. It was so random and it didn't seem she wanted to be here with me.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our first event of the year with Lange corporations' collection with Colors International and Angels model agency, " said Evan, the host.

He begins to present his speech with a presentation of our new fashion collection with Colors International. After, Director Van came to the podium and presented his part of the new clothing lines and photographers, going in depth of how this all started.

Slowly, I scanned my hand on Anastasia's knee, going up and down on her smooth thighs. She shoved my hands away from her thighs and cleared her throat lightly.

What's with her attitude?

What did I do this time?

Again, I scan my hands on her thighs and interlocked my hands with hers tightly. She aggressively let go of my hand and took a sip of her drink.

Leaning forward to her I said, "Anastasia, is something wrong?"

She pressed her eyes in a rude way and placed her drink on the table.

I let out a small sigh and frowned by Anastasia's mean attitude. It was so knotty to understand her emotions to me. I thought everything was okay until now.

Maybe it's a phase.

Maybe Mother Nature is kicking in so she has to deal with me.

Or Maybe she got into another sister fight with Alexis.

Whatever the case was, I was upset and it was killing me that I know Anastasia was mad, but I couldn't figure it out.

The event flew by quickly leaving everyone to their destinations. I had a quick goodbye

t remember, I was like seven years old when it happened. But, it's crazy that I know she's alive and know where she is now.''


''My dad kept all of her letters to me and Axel. Unfortunately, I read it once but that was it. Axel, however, wrote back to her and even kept it in touch with her. I never did because I still hold that grudge against her, she asked my dad for money and he was going to give her but he got into the car accident and I just felt angry.''

''You really think it's her fault?''

I gulped down my throat and shrugged.

I don't believe it is but part of me wants to. I heard stories from my cousins, aunts, and uncles from my dad's side of my mom being the homeless one in my family.

The stories that I hear drilled into my mind that I don't know which side to believe in. The drug dealer story, the prostitute story, and even the runaway story.

I have never seen her in person since the day she left me. I only saw pictures from Axel whenever they meet up at PineWoods Home Care Facility, a safe place for those who need a place to stay.

''Fabian, I don't know what to say but, I just want to let you know that I'm here for you always, despite what happened in the past, I just feel like right now your focus should be your happiness and being optimistic to any circumstances that come in your way.''

''You really think so?''

''Of course, I do.'' Anastasia leans forward and kissed me on the lips slowly. ''I love this side of you, you should be more open, it's sexy.''

I softly snickered and replied ''I'll try.''

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