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Fabian POV

It was Friday in the afternoon when we arrived in Miami from Atlanta. The whole board members were at Atlanta for the conference of Angels Management to set the final negotiations on the new company.

We took the first class from Atlanta to Miami. I was able to check the whole team in at the Hilton Miami Downtown hotel and reminded everyone that the dinner with Colors International would be at six o'clock in Briza On The Bay.

"Oh my gosh, this is beautiful!"Anastasia said as we walked into our suite. She went out in the balcony, looking back and forth then let out her hair as the wind whistles through, flapping it in a rapid motion.

"Not as beautiful as you, " I said coming behind her and wrap my arms around her waist.

"This is amazing, I haven't been here in so long."

"Oh yeah? When was the last time you were here?"

"I was twelve."

"Mm, I see." She turns herself around and her wraps her arms around my neck then kissed me slowly. She continued to kiss me harshly then stops and placed her head on my chest.

"What do you want to do today?" I asked.

"I was hoping we could go to the pool, relax a bit before we go to dinner."

"You don't wanna do a quickie?" I smirked.

"Oh my gosh! No!" She shrieked, laughing at me.

"Why not?"

"A quickie? Really?"

"Just a blowjob and a little spooning."

"No Fabian we won't even make it to the dinner."

"Ugh, I guess you're right."

"Exactly." We went back to the suite and begin to unpack our clothes and getting our bathing clothes ready. A knock on the door echoed through and I immediately walk to it.

''Sir, I wanted to ask you some questions of the editing for the collections?'' said Brody, the editor for Colors International.

''Uh, sure.'' I looked back at Anastasia and whispered ''Be right back'' then walked out of the suite.

Anastasia POV

Fabian left me to myself at the suite as I was unpacking my bathing suit and dress for the dinner tonight. I walked out of the suite and went my way to the hotel's pool, finding a seat to place all of my equipment on top.

After putting on sunscreen, I laid on my stomach and pulled out my book and placed my head on top of my pink towel. Out of nowhere, Fabian came by sitting next to me and started to massage my butt then kissed slowly with a slap the end.

''PDA much Mr.Lange?'' I asked in a goofy question.

''Not to me Ms.Washington, '' he replied with a smirk. ''Wanna help me out with this?'' He pulled out the sunscreen and squirt a s

get a restraining order against her?!

What the fuck is she doing here?!

''Anastasia, am I correct?'' She said in a delicate tone.

''Correct. Why are you here?''

''Oh, well I am a model at Angels Model Agency and it is my duty to keep up with events like this. Plus, it's a dream of mine of being at the agency, almost as if I got a job at IMG Models. Well, close enough. Not to mention, I do have a year contract with AMA so that means you get to see me and we could get to know each other.''

''Yeah, that's not going to happen.''

''Why not Ana?''

''Don't call me Ana, we're not friends.''

''I beg your pardon. I apologize for being utterly rude to you and expose you like that in front of everyone. It wasn't my intention to do so. Can we just be friends? Maybe?''

I heaved a deep sigh and took a step closer to her. With force, I placed my heel on her big toe, slowly crushing it as she begins to tremble in front of me. Her eyes were floating with tears and her lips were shaking uncontrollably.

I leaned forward to her ear and whispered ''I know a bluff when I see one and trust me, bitch, you don't want to mess with me.''

Letting go, she gasped and was in shock as I took a sip of my drink and shoved her away from me.

Sitting down, I was nearby a window and begin to place all of my snacks on the table. I took another deep sigh, trying to cool off my anger from dealing with that demon earlier.

Fabian finally came by to me and sat down with this plate of food, placing it on the table. He placed his right hand on my chin turning my face to him to get his attention.

''Anastasia, you okay?'' He asked.

''I'm fine, '' I lied.

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