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Anastasia POV

''Hi, '' Fabian whispered.

''Hi, '' I whispered back.

We both darted our eyes at each other, watching every move to see who was going to break the ice.

The music R&B music transitions to a classical music, having everyone joining with their partner to slow dance on the dancefloor.

I cleared my throat lightly as Fabian quickly responded ''Dance with me.''

''I can't dance.'' I lied.

''Only one dance. That's all I'm asking.''

''Okay fine.''

Fabian gently grabbed my right arm and escorted me to the dancefloor. My arms were wrapped around his neck as his hands were wrapped around my waist.

We begin to sway side to side in a slow tempo, listening to the classical piece of music. The rhythm to the classical music was a slow-to-warmup tempo.

Left to right, men were twirling women, going with the rhythm to the music. Fabian twirled me around, traveled his hands down in my arms and slowly down to my waist.

His nose touched my ear, letting out a soft sigh and said ''Anastasia, '' in his deep voice.

The tingles on my body made me jumped a little causing me to force myself to turn around back to him.

Our eyes met again and this time, I could see that he truly meant what he said. He gripped my hand, pulling me closer and continued to dance.

''Why aren't you saying anything?'' He said, searching for answers to my quiet self.

''I don't know what to say.''

''What's on your mind?''

''Fabian right now isn't a good time.''

''-I'm just trying to help.''

''I.. I just..--''

Before I finished the sentence, a woman with long brunette hair interrupted the both of us from dancing.

''Your time is up sweetie, '' she said to me with a bitchy smirk on her fa


''You do know, you're just being stubborn.''

''I'm leaving.''

''For fuck's sake Anastasia, it was a mistake!"

''I don't give a fuck if it was or not Fabian. Why do you always have to come back to me? What do you want from me?!''

''I want you, Anastasia! I care about you!'' I yelled back.

She froze, trembled her lips and crossed her arms in shyness of not knowing what to do. I took a step closer to her and touched her chin softly, gazing into her honey eyes to gain her empathy.

''I've always wanted you, and I meant what I said, I just need you to--''

She shakes her head, denying my request and said ''I can't right now, '' leaving me to myself by the entrance.

I slammed my fists on the small podium, and let out a rough sigh.

''Damn it, '' I whispered.

I was so close but she denied me once again. I'm doing everything in my soul to ask for her forgiveness and she's keeps pushing me away.

Never in my life, I dealt with a woman who keeps denying me. But for some reason, I'm so consistent to reach to Anastasia because I actually like her.

And it hurts me to realize that she doesn't feels the same way.

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