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   Chapter 24 .24

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Anastasia POV

''Girl, fuck him!" Alexis said, stuffing a batch of skittles to her mouth. I continually was crying, hugging the new Fifi and placed my head down in sorrow.

My name was blasting all over the internet with Fabian's comment. Twitter, Instagram, and blogs mentioned my name many times because of Fabian's comment about me.

I turned my phone off, getting a break from all the madness that I received today. I would've guessed that Fabian was starting to like me. The teddy bear present, telling me that I looked beautiful in the romper, and making breakfast for me.

I guess I was wrong.

The articles, the hashtag posts of him being a loser and a fuckboy were true after all. I was his mistake and I couldn't believe that I didn't read between the lines.

''Leave me alone Alexis, '' I hoarse, turning my body the other way.

''I'm telling you these--''



The doorbell ringed numerously added with a loud pound of knock. The pound of noise saved Alexis's rant of how these n-word ain't shit.

''I bet you it's him, '' she said, grabbing the box of skittles and walked her way to the door.

As Alexis went to the door, I begin to eavesdrop on the conversation she was having with Fabian.

''Is... is Anastasia here?'' He said.

''Yes, she is, '' she said with an attitude.

''May I speak to her, only for ten minutes.''

''Do you realize what you just did?''

''Yes, I know. I humiliated her, but it wasn't my fault... please I'm begging you.''

''I'm sorry but right now isn't a good time, you should leave.''

Alexis c



The door was opened and we were on the second floor. A tall black woman with a boy cut and an elderly man came inside as Fabian and I backed up to the wall.

I placed my head down, ignoring so hard to not speak to him. He slides over to the left, getting closer to me to get my attention.

The doors were open again and we were finally on the first floor. Fabian was calling out my name, which made me turn around to him, annoyed and a bit curious about what he was going to say.



We both turn our necks to Jenny who immediately spits out her gum in the trash. She smiled nervously and excused herself to use the restroom.

''I need to leave, '' I said, facing forward to him.

''You never gave me the chance.''

''Fabian. You embarrassed me.''

''I know, and I'm sorry.''

''It's going to take a while for me to forgive me you, I need my space. I need to be left alone.''

''For how long?''

''I don't know, okay? I have to go.''


''Goodbye Fabian, have a nice day.''

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