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Fabian POV

Michael handed over my phone and I looked at the notifications on it. My notifications were blowing up from magazines to blogs, and all over social media.

People were tagging me to E!News posts, the Wendy show, Twitter, and The fucking ShadeRoom!

What the fuck!

"Fabian Lange's rude comments to his fashion Executive stylist Anastasia Washington. Listen here for the audio recording."

I saw everyone's comments calling me as a fuckboy, loser, Kardashian wannabe, and a dickhead. I know in my gut feeling that this was so fucked up in so many ways.

One it wasn't even about her, and two people think I'm the bad guy of this situation. And even if I try to come out with my statement of these false accusations, no one would not believe me.

''You! Over here! Now!'' I barked at Taylor. I disruptively broke off her conversation with one of the guests and dragged her out all the way to the fountain outdoors in the balcony.

''Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Fabian! Watch it! This is an Alexander Wang dress!"' She shoved me away from gripping her arm as we both stood next to the fountain.

''I don't give a fuck about Alexander Wang, what the fuck is wrong with you?''

''I warned you, didn't I?''

''So this was your plan all along for what? To get back at me?''

''Yes, that's the whole fucking point, Fabian.''

"With my phone?"

"Oh, I just made up a lie to Darius and said that we were back together again, too bad he's gullible."

''How'd you get in here?"

''Did you forget? I am working for the Angels Model Agency now thanks to one of your board members.''

''What are you talking about?''

''Let's just say... Lance and I had a very, nice, quality time, '' she chuckled with

close to actually win her heart completely but here I am, hesitating and embarrassed her in front of everyone.

I honestly wished none of this happened.

It was finally Monday morning and I was in the office with Axel, drinking my coffee and repeatedly looking at my phone of all the notifications I received since yesterday.

''Fabian?'' Axel said, waving his hands in front of my eyes to get my attention.

''What?'' I mumbled.

''Dude you can't be that sad, it was an accident. It wasn't your fault.''

''You weren't there, '' I mumbled again.

''It doesn't matter, okay? Michael told me everything plus that doesn't sound like you were actually talking about Anastasia, sounded like...''

''Taylor? Yeah, I know.''

''What was she doing there anyway?''

''I don't want to talk about it.''

The double doors opened and it was Anastasia coming in with a file in her hand. I looked at her and stood up as Axel excused himself out of the office. I came around my desk and walked slowly my way to Anastasia tucks her curls behind her ear.

''Anastasia, Good morning, '' I whispered.

''Good morning, '' she whispered back.

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