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Fabian POV

I was walking through the hallways with Anastasia after the charity event. On the first floor, I was with Anastasia slow-dancing with her as the classical music played in the background.

Anastasia looked incredibly perfect tonight. The white dress she was wearing showed off her ravishing curves. Her hair was over to her right side in a wavy hairstyle added with a silver-flower hair accessory on the left side of her head.

She looked absolutely stunning, and I couldn't wait to tell her that and kiss her. I was starting to like Anastasia for who she is. She was very tolerant, quiet, independent, intelligent, and a bit inquisitive which is so opposite of my personality.

I'm very passionate and I would admit that I am also impulsive. I can be sensitive, ambitious, very loyal and protective to my nature.

''You're not so bad, '' I said to Anastasia.

''I'm a natural I guess.''

Yes... yes you are

''Yeah, I guess so. It's like you have this luck... You're so per... you're amazing.''

''Amazing?'' She questioned.

No, I mean you're perfect, beautiful, and funny

''Yeah, very.''

She grinned lightly to the side and placed her head down in shyness. I should've said and yet again, I hesitated.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

Abruptly, Michael came to me and told me that Antonio wanted to interview with me back at the second floor.

''I'll talk to you later, '' I said to Anastasia.


At the second floor, I met up with Antonio who was eager to see me.

''Fabian, A pleasure to meet you, '' He said shaking hands with me.

''Yes, a pleasure to meet you too.''

''Colors Magazine wants to ask you a couple of questions of the recent fashion now and what not.''

''Oh.. okay, yeah, that would be amazing.''


Sitting down, I was interviewed by Colors Magazine as the interviewer asked me questions about the collection that happened recently. I was talking depth


''I knew it... I just... I can't believe you.''


''... For a second, I was having feelings, for you, '' she weakly chuckled as she shed a tear.

''Really? Because.... I-''

''— I should go home.''


''Stay away from me Fabian, leave me alone... for good.''

Anastasia continued to walk down the sidewalk leaving me to myself by the door. At this moment, I'm hopeless.

Because no matter I want to try and convince her the truth, she would continually push me away. I could've fought and stood my ground for her, letting Anastasia know the whole truth that I liked her and wanting to be with her but she wasn't buying it and it made me felt weak, inane, and unworthy.

I was pacing back and forth, breathing heavily, agitated to what I just got myself into. Coming out, Michael came to me and called out my name.

''Fabian! Yo!'' He said, stopping me from walking so much.

''Go ahead. Say that I'm a shit-head, arrogant, callow, foolish, cold-hearted son of a bitch---''

''— Relax, I know what happened. I know.. Okay? And it's not your fault.''

''You're just saying that to be nice.''

''No, I'm saying that because it's true, I know who did. I know who Airdrop the video to everyone.''

''What?!'' I chided.

''It was Taylor.''

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