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Fabian POV

As Anastasia and I left Forever 21, we both decided to grab some lunch. We both ordered the same meal at Chick-Fil-A, a chicken sandwich with large fries and a vanilla shake.

We were sitting across from her each other, eating in silence, and flirting with our eyes. There were so many groups of a girl left to right, youth to elderly taking pictures of me and waving their hands to get my attention.

Luckily, a few people on the mall security team were generous to provide us a seating and protect me and Anastasia from getting hurt by the number of girls trying to reach to me.

I took a big chunk of the chicken sandwich and chew on it slowly as Anastasia took a sip of her shake.

'' Umm... Fabian, '' she said.


''You... uh... you got something on your lips..''


She sighed and took a napkin from her bag and lean forward to my face, wiping off the piece of bread on the bottom of my lips. I pressed my lips together in shyness while Anastasia giggled softly, amazed by how I devoured the sandwich.

''It seems like you haven't eaten any junk food in a while.''

''Yeah, I always work out, eating healthy, and haven't really gotten the chance to cheat.''

''I can see.''

I snickered and continued to eat my fries then took a sip of my shake. Anastasia's phone was ringing from the side and it instantly placed her in a displeased mood.

''You alright?'' I asked her, taking a peek at her phone and realizing that it was her sister call her.

''Yeah, I'm fine.''

''You know, you can't be mad at your sister for too long.''

''I know, it's just I can't help it when she does dumb decisions.''

''I understand. Give her a chance.''

She exhaled a sigh and nod her head, agreeing with

''No, you should thank Fabian. He kind of taught me out of not holding a grudge against you.''

''I get it. I'm foolish, crazy, too much an attention seeker...''

''Go on, '' I grin childishly.

She chuckled and continued ''And I'm truly sorry that I did that to you.''

''Apologies accepted.''

''Soo... Fabian Lange, huh?'' She wiggled her brows.

"It's nothing.''

''Bullshit, you just had a day with him! What happened?! Tell me everything!''

''What about the diner?''

''That could wait. Tell me everything!'' She bounced on my bed and patted it numerously, waiting for me to jump with her. I rolled my eyes and climbed on the bed, crisscrossing and begin to vent to Alexis about my day with Fabian.

It was different and honestly, I like it.

He made it so easy for me to be balanced, and oddly very comfortable around him. I usually don't get comfortable with people like that but with him, it was so easy.

Fabian actually dressed up like me; t-shirt with sweats and sandals. I honestly thought he was going to dress up some all fancy when we arrived at Ralph Lauren but he proved me wrong.

I'm starting to like this side of Fabian.

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