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Fabian POV

By ten in the morning, I was fully awake and starving for some breakfast. I got the chance to buy breakfast supplies near a store a block away from here and also bought some coffee for me and Anastasia.

Last night was different for me. Anastasia and I slept in the same bed from her little panic attack.

When she mentioned about her stuffed teddy bear Fifi, I was reminiscing about my stuffed lion, Fifi.

I was able to watch her fall asleep peacefully when I locked my hands in hers. She slept like a baby, only a pinch of snore came out, but, it didn't bother me how beautiful she slept.

I got the chance to take off her makeup since it was smearing off from the pillow. Her makeup wipes were in her mini purse, along with some 5-pack gum, lip balm, and some Twix.

After Anastasia's shower, I was able to take mine and got my boxer, suit pants and the polo shirt to wear shorts since that was the only clothes I had on yesterday.

"You didn't have to do this, " Anastasia said to me, placing my tank on and showing off her spandex.

"Its a favor, please, let me help you."

She smiled softly and whispered, "Okay, I suppose."

After getting ready, I called in my limo driver, Darius to take us to the mall.

On my way there, I was receiving tons of messages and phone calls from Axel and Michael asking me

o store, like a shopaholic freak.

But she proved me wrong. She just wanted the simple things, and that's what really mattered to her. I really underestimated how much she was an easygoing person.

It really made me realize how quickly I could get comfortable with her. It was different and honestly, I like it.

"Eh, " Anastasia said, coming to me from the fitting room. She was posing in front of the mirror, debating whether or not she wanted the romper.

"I don't know, " she whispered, trying to tie the strings from the back.

I took a step closer and tied it for her as she looked up at me and softly smiled.

"I think you look great, " I said.



"Yes, I do, " I replied, placing her hair back for her to see how gorgeous she looked.


"Take it."


"Yes really."


"Anastasia, take it. You look beautiful."

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