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Anastasia POV

"Are you fucking serious?" I barked at Alexis.

Earlier today she dragged me out of the bed to join her to go see Axel and Scarlette tie the knot.

Scarlette was friends with Alexis back in high school days which meant Alexis was invited to the wedding.

And as for as I know, Axel is Fabian's older brother. Which is obviously is common sense because Fabian's last name is Lange.

I saw how Fabian walked down the aisle with that girl he was with. Everyone literally lost their mind when saw him coming in.

They were flashing their cameras, recording on their devices like they've never seen a human being in their lives before. Fabian had everyone locked their eyes at him the entire service, and I can't lie that I was one of those people.

"What?" Alexis shrieked.

"You're going to leave!"

"Oh please!"

"Alexis! That's fucking foul!"

"It's just a wedding! Plus Scarlette literally invited the whole family to the wedding so I don't think she's going to notice."

"You're leaving a wedding to get some dick? Is that what I'm actually hearing right now?!"

"Uh... ehh.., " she stammered.

I scoffed "You're insane! I can't BELIEVE you had the audacity to drag me out of bed to join you to go to some wedding knowingly that Fabian is going to be here!"

"I'm sorry! Sheesh, maybe you need to some dick."

"Fuck you." I got out of the car and slammed the door walking my way to the venue.

"Call me later! Love you!" Alexis said. I flicked her off as I continued to walk over to the venue on the left side of the door.

It was rumbling hard in the sky and I knew there was going to be a thunderstorm.

I can't believe that I have to cover for Alexis at the wedding reception. This is going to be so fucking awkward for me.

Despite the food and the social environment, I don't want to end up running into Fabian at the wedding. Most likely I would, b

ouches my back, swaying left to right to the song.

? ? I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways

Maybe it's all part of a plan

I'll just keep on making the same mistakes

Hoping that you'll understand... ? ?

Our eyes met and I could see his beautiful eyes glowing throw the lights. I pressed my lips together, calming my sexual thoughts to Fabian.

This is so fucking insane.

I can't believe that he's my boss and he wanted to dance with me. If anything, I would've guessed he found another girl to dance or probably leave this event since he's not the type of person who shows any emotions to things like this.

But maybe, I could be wrong.

He was gentle with the way we were dancing and I couldn't help myself but enjoy it. Fabian was smooth and protecting my balance of dancing to the song because, in reality, I'm a really clumsy person when it comes to a fine man that dances with me at a party.

With Fabian, it felt like my world stopped. Our hands were locked in together tightly as if he wanted to protect me from getting hurt.

He smelled so good and the way we were darting our eyes at each other felt like we were both hypnotized into another dimension.

Another world, Another universe, And another galaxy.

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