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Fabian POV

Axel's Wedding

''How do I look?'' Axel said, smirking from the side.

"Fine, " I mumbled, fixing his tie.

"I abhor when you do that."

"Do what exactly?"

"Acting all tough in front of me."

"I don't know what you're talking about Ax, I'm fine."

"Fabian, " he emphasized. He let it another sigh and continued "Everything's going to be okay. You're still my little brother and we could always hang out. Nothings going to change, I promise."

"Promises are hard to keep."

"Not with you. I always keep my word." He lends out his hand to me, pulls me closer and begins to pat down on my back, giving me the sympathy that I needed.

My brother is my best friend. The one that I can depend on, the one who holds me down when I'm being mischievous, and the one who always look after me when no one else does.

When I think of people who made the biggest impact in my life, it was not their expertise or accomplishments that provided me with the direction, guidance, and reassurance I needed to accomplish my goals. It was their sincere belief in me. They let me know through their words and actions that I mattered.

He's always been the wise man, making right decisions left to right and a lot of the times, it kinda bugs me. He's the better version of myself, someone who is articulate

y, why?"

"Maybe I'm just not in the good mood."

"I understand it, but, come on at a wedding? You need to be more apathetic about your brother. He's married now, he still cares for you. Show a little smile."

"I am, " I said, smirking softly then frowned drastically and went over to the hallways.

I was pacing my way out when I noticed there was a thunderstorm outside. I stopped myself from going outdoors and stared through the glass door as a young woman came back inside with her phone by her ear.

"Sorry, " she said when the door hit the side of my arm.


I stopped and widened my eyes and couldn't believe who I was looking at.


Her hair was fully straightened, she was wearing a one-shoulder red dress, showing each angle of her beautiful curves and her makeup looked gorgeous on her.

"Anastasia?" I questioned.


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