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Anastasia POV

Three Days Later...

Just couple days after the New York trip and I have been feeling sick to my stomach. I've been getting fatigues, wild cramps, backaches, and breaking out all over my face.

I fucking hate periods man, why do they fucking exist?!

It was early in the morning and I had to pull up from the Corporations to talk with Jenny, letting her know I wouldn't be able to make it for today's meeting of the sales from the Infinity Apparel.

I know I could've easily told Fabian, but, it's just... awkward...

He is my boss, and he has the right to know, but, how the fuck should I bluntly say that I'm on my period and I wouldn't make it to the meeting?

Let's make it clear how Fabian is the type of boss that doesn't care if your dog dies, he still wants you to work.

''-- Awh, no worries, I'll tell him myself, '' Jenny said, scanning her hands on my arms and of course, chewing on the gum.

How come Fabian hasn't fired this girl for chewing so much?

''Thank you.''

''No problem, Mother Nature is a bitch, I hate having it too.''

''Did you ever came here when you had yours?''

''Oh yeah, Fabian always says ''If you don't show up, don't bother to come back at all''. Ugh, such an asshole.''

I gulped down on my throat anxiously, thinking about what Jenny said to me.


Out of nowhere, the phone ringed and Jenny waddled her way over there to answer it. I walked out of the building and went to my sister's rusty car again.

I restarted the car and drove my way back home, praying in my mind that Fabian would be okay of me not showing up to work.

I mean... he would... right?

I think so.

''How do I look?'' Alexis said, posing in every direction for me to give her a response. I yawned lightly to her and sized Alexis up and down in a bitchy attitude. ''So, I'm guessing that's a no, " she replied in a gloomy tone.

''I don't know Lex.''

''Can I least get a smile from you Eeyore?''

I smiled weakly as she let out a snicker, throwing the pillow at me.

''What's the purpose?'' I asked.

''Trying to look good for the day, and of course, hoping to see that fine Asian guy I saw at work. He's new, so you know I gotta show off.''


''Hey! At least you have the millionaire!"

''True, but, there's no way in hell I would get a guy like Fabian.''


''Because... He's ...Fabian.''

''Hmm. I don't know, anything can happen. Just saying.''


Alexis gathered her belongings, kissed me on my hand and walked out of the bedroom. I was slouching on my bed with my tea, w

what I can witness, she really wanted to be alone.

I sighed and backed away slowly from her as she closed the door in front of me.

''Oh... okay..'' I whispered.

After two hours of the meeting, I was on my laptop doing my work and also figuring out ways to make Anastasia feel better.

I told Jenny to do quick errands to buy Anastasia some goodies. Twix, fruit snacks, some dessert, extra tampons, a couple of flowers and her favorite Starbucks drink: iced caramel macchiato with almond milk.

According to Jenny, that's her favorite Starbucks drink since the two always go out together during their lunch break.

Walking in, Michael gave me a double knock go get my attention. He sat down in the chair, eating some fried chicken.

"Really?" I said, giving him my irritated tone.

"What?" He muffled. He chews and swallowed his piece of chicken and said: "I'm hungry."

"Yeah, you could've done that somewhere else."

"My bad bro, sheesh. Anyways, I came here to remind you of Axel's wedding rehearsal."

"Awh, fuck, " I whispered.

"Yeah, and this time no excuses you have to come for real, the wedding is this weekend."

"Yeah, for sure. I'll come."



My phone vibrated from the side of my laptop and I realized it was Anastasia who texted me.

I saw the message preview and behind to skim through the text that she send me.


Thank you for the gift. That's very sweet of you, I'm very happy and feeling better ??

I was smiling softly, trying to cool myself from making her happy.

I made her happy which made me happy, I can't believe this!

"What are you smiling about?" Michael said, interrupted my cheerful moment.

"Uh, Nothing. It's nothing, " I lied.

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