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Anastasia POV

"Ouch, fuck! Fuck! Ouch!" I grunted, limping my way to the elevator with blood running down on my knee.

I went out for a quick morning jog this morning and tripped over a huge rock around the park. My whole knee area was swollen badly and I was breathing heavily trying to fight off the pain from my knee getting hurt.

To the suite, I limped over to the kitchen area when Fabian came out from the bathroom with his towel wrapped around his waist.

He looked so fresh and absolutely delicious with his sexy six-pack abs, deep v-line self. The water droplets from his chest were running down on him slowly as he approaches me, curious to see me bleeding.

"Let me get an aid kit, " he said to me.

"Please, Fabian you're the last—

"— Can I do something nice for once in my life?!" He interrupted.

My eyes widened in shock to hear him fed up with my little attitude moment. I couldn't help myself but it was a bit hard for me to not remember how he legit pushed me and told me to watch where I was going; what a victim.

I heaved a sigh and watched him walked over to the bathroom, coming out with the first aid kit supplements.

"Please be gentle, " I whispered.

"I will, " he whispered back.

Just moments after he placed it on my knee, I was set to be okay. He surprised me with that comeback of me saying he was sorry and how he knew I was speaking French.

It was kind of imp

g to lurk at me for a second. He cleared his throat and said ''You know, you look better without glasses.''

I turned my head to him, smiling from the side a bit and responded ''You think so?''



''It's... just... my opinion.''

''Opinion? Nothing else?''


I knew he was lying because it felt like he wanted to tell me more than just an opinion. More like ''You're beautiful without them.'' Just like how everyone else would say.

At that moment, he knows that I know he was wanting to say more but stopped. I let out a sigh and got myself comfortable for the rest of the flight.

This whole mystery game with Fabian is exhausting to me. Trying to dig in more to him after he spilled his random facts to me, really fucks up my mind a lot.

He's throwing subliminal messages to me but also plays it cool like this doesn't matter to me or him.

And it kills me how it makes my mind fried.

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