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Fabian POV

''--Caleb, thank you so much for this, I appreciate for you to invite me to your home.''

''Anytime, I'm glad that this turn out well, '' He replied.

''So, in the meantime, would there be any more collaborations?''

''Well, we're both in charge with this partnership company, whenever you're ready, I'm here.''

''Thanks again.''

''You're welcome.''

''Oh.. and um, that Anastasia girl, is she...''

''Aha! Uhh... No... Nahhh... she's... pfft. She's just one of my board members.''

''Uh huh.''


''Nothing, just.... I caught you staring at her ass and all of the sudden you act surprised.''

''She's not... I mean uh..I don't think I'm her type, hence, she's you know... a board member and I'm the millionaire, the boss.''

''Why don't you get to know her then, Mr.KnowItAll. You ever heard the term of Opposites Attract?''

''Yeah but, I'm not ready for that.. yet.''

''What's holding you back?''

''I just don't see the point.''


''It's not bull Caleb. You should be the last one talking.''

''Sounds like it to me, at least I got my shit together real fast before losing Mia.''

''How did you do it?''

He exhaled roughly and said ''I just did it for my sake. I love Mia, she was the one who I wanted to be with since high school. I fuck shit up real bad by saying things that I didn't mean to say to her and never had the ability to change for my mistake. But, I didn't want to give up on her, I wanted to be with her and only with her—"

''— Yeah, I can't do that, '' I mumbled.

''Yes you can, you're just being stubborn. Like you said, if you like something or you want something that you see, go after it, '' He replied with a wink. "By the way the accident, she bumped into me. So, be nice to her."

"I wasn't thinking about that."

"Sure, " He rolled his eyes in silliness.

I compressed my eyes with irritation, knowing that Caleb was right about my quote. But it's only been a week since I've known Anastasia.

I want to get to know her but I want to take it slow, taking baby steps until I really let it all out.

She was a gem in my eyes that I've always wanted.

She's perfect in a unique way.

Intelligent, sexy, a

seeing a huge scar on her right ankle.

"Yes, I was a cheerleader?"

"Oh yeah?"


"Well, if you makes you feel any better I have one on my left ankle."


"No, basketball."

"Really? I thought it was—"

"— Football? No, that was my brother, Axel."

"What position you played?"

"Point guard."

She lightly smiled nervously at the side as I replied the same. I wanted to continue on, try to connect with Anastasia more but I didn't know how to.

"I'm... I am sorry of.. this morning, " I slurred, ending with the knitted knee. I wrapped it around the knee area and slowly knot the ends together.

"It's fine. I'm sorry too."

"For calling me stupid?"

She widened her eyes again and exhaled weakly, shocked to hear that I understood what she was saying to me earlier in the morning.

"You understood what I said?"

"Yes, I can speak French, Spanish, German, and a little bit of Chinese."

She smiled softly which made me did the same thing to her again. Anastasia was impressed to hear some of the fun facts about me and I knew she wanted to hear more, which made me feel motivated to tell her more but again, I stopped.

My phone ranged from afar and I lightly jogged my way to there. Confirming, I begin to talk with Silva on the phone and continue to look at Anastasia.

She placed her hair up in a ponytail and drinker her water bottle. I couldn't help myself but stare at her.

Goodness, why am I doing this to myself?

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