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Anastasia POV

''This right here is my favorite place, it's Caleb's art studio, '' Mia said, unlocking the double doors to the studio.

So far, Mia has shown me around the mansion of her beautiful home. Six bedrooms, three bath pool house, completed with the kitchen, living room, gym, library, sauna and steam shower. Mia also showed me the basketball court area and the frontage view of the beach.

In the studio, Mia flicked the light switch and, showing off the paintings that Caleb created.

Every corner was a painting of his kids, Mia, NYC, cartoon characters, and something abstract.

''Wow, he... he did all of this?''

''He sure did. He's so talented it's amazing. He can choose two colors of a paint and can create something magical.''

''That's nice.''

''Yeah, it is.''

I took a walk around the studio, glancing at each painting and how beautiful the artwork turned out. Mia sat down on the chair as I continued to look and walked my way to the chair next to her.

''How do you deal with this? Being the billionaire's wife?''

''Um, well...'' She exhaled with a laugh.

''Sorry, I shouldn't say that... I'm just...''



''Well, obviously it's not that easy. You are always targeted, sometimes a bit pressured to the extravagant life, but overall, it gets better, especially if you're truly in love with that person.''

''Was Caleb the person you wanted to be with?''

''Yes, he's my best friend, my soul mate. We were not perfect, at all whatsoever. It was like a cat and mouse game, trying to see who would break the ice. But, then it came to the conclusion that if I really want to be with this guy, I just have to trust myself, believe that he's able to have my love and is willing to commit to me. Even though it was the hardest thing to do, and I di

s awake from my weird lucid dream. I walked over to the kitchen and got myself some water since I woke up and immediately felt dehydrated.

Walking to the bathroom I noticed the lights were on and I gripped the handle for it to open slowly.

Abruptly, I was shoved by Fabian which caused us both to fall on the ground quickly. We were both groaning at the same time as I jolted away from him when I felt this dick against my waist.

''Gosh Anastasia!'' He groaned.

''Me? You literally shoved me to the ground which caused us to fall!''

''Didn't you see the bathroom lights were on?!''

''Yes, I did, but I thought you were sleeping.''

''Well, next time, watch where you're going.''

''Are you serious?'' I said in my bitchy tone. He arched his brows, knowing how stupid this fight was in the first place.

Fabian moved his jaw around, trying to collect the words to say "I'm sorry" but instead he gave me a blank stare.


''Tellement stupide { so stupid}, '' I replied in French, rolling my eyes at him and marched with aggression to the dividing door.

''Did you just rolled your eyes at me?!''

''Yes, Fabian I did, '' I said, closing the door right in front of his face.

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