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Fabian POV

The following morning, I was wide awake early for the fashion show. I called room service for a breakfast meal while I prepare myself for the event.

I still couldn't believe I had the wet dream of Anastasia.

It felt so real yet again too early for me to even have this kind of thought of fucking her. I just met her and already having these dirty thoughts! I shouldn't have looked at her breasts but I couldn't help myself, they're so... perky.

We were sitting across from each other and I could sense the tension between us. Either I know she knows something about my incident, or she's playing the silent treatment with me.

But most likely she probably knows the incident. She wanted to say good morning but avoided me when I walked out from my bedroom.

Anastasia was extremely quiet, it made me wanted to break the question if she knows what happened. But, instead, it was nothing but quietness between us.

She got up from her seat and quietly placed the plates on the sink then walked her way to the bathroom. I let out a sigh and looked down to see if I still had the boner, and surprisingly, it was not there.

Within an hour of preparation, the whole board members were at the Skylight Clarkson Square meeting up with fashion designers, editors, photographers and other companies for this fashion event.

I was surrounded by my team, sitting in the first row of the show. Anastasia didn't sit right next to me which did make me felt some type of way.

The incident was so messed up and I knew she probably knows about it.

It wasn't my fault that it happened, it just did. Her curvy body, the butt, amazing legs, craving into my deep thoughts that I suddenly just had a wet dream of her and I only knew her for a week.


''Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Infinity Apparel, hosted by me, Justin Harvey, Christine Paul the editor, and the lovely designers The Davidson Sisters Kate and Kim. We are happy to announce this third annual collection with the partnership of C.L. C

my direction and I noticed it was Caleb's wife, Mia. Her hair was in a high bun and she was wearing her pajamas.

She's absolutely beautiful. Her skin looks so pure and petite just like Anastasia, but very curvy.

''The kids are finally asleep, '' she said, wrapping her hands around Caleb's waist. She placed her head on his chest while Caleb scans his hand all over her back.

''Thank God.''

''I know, '' she giggled.

''Mia, this is Fabian, the guy I was talking to you about and this is Anastasia.''

''It's nice to meet you, '' She said, lending her hand to me. I shake her hand and couldn't resist how beautiful this woman was.

From my peripheral version, I could see Anastasia giving me that ''Oh brother'' look.

''It's.. um... it's nice to see you too.''

''Mia, why don't you show Anastasia around and I would talk with Fabian.''

''Sure, right this way.''

She gave Anastasia the nod to follow her around the house leaving me with Caleb. I continued to look at Anastasia, walking her way to where Mia was leading her to.

Caleb snaps his fingers twice to get my attention when Anastasia left the area.

''Hey buddy, eyes over here. She's mine, '' He smirked foolishly.

''Oh... sorry I.. I wasn't looking.. I mean your wife is gorgeous but I wasn't looking at her.''

''I know, you were looking at Anastasia.''

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