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Anastasia POV

"Thank you all for joining me in this third annual collection of C.L. Corporations. This year, Fabian has announced the Infinity Apparel collection introducing us to the new collection tomorrow during fashion week show and I couldn't be any happier, " said Caleb.

Caleb went on talking about how the company's name started. His father, Charles Bellisario and Fabian's father, Lorenzo Lange, were business partners a long time ago.

After Fabian's father's tragic incident of the car accident, Charles continued the company and rebuilt it here in NYC. When Charles retired, he passed the company to Caleb taking charge of Belos Inc and C.L.

Caleb went on saying that Fabian never really wanted to be part of the company's behalf and wanted to focus on Lange Corporations itself, but a few years later, he finally decided it was best to continue on the company for his father's sake.

"I'm proud to be able to say that I enjoy having Fabian as my business partner for this company. Cheers!" Caleb said.

"Cheers!" Everyone else chanted.

The music resumed on switching to a hip-hop music, which hyped up everyone to dance along to the beat.

Closely, I saw Fabian with Caleb laughing and drinking near the fountain. I kept looking at Fabian, witnessing how well his muscles were toning out perfectly in the pink-long sleeve shirt he was wearing.

I took a light sip and bit the bottom of my lips when he took a quick look at me which made me placed my head down immediately.

"Shit, " I whispered to myself.

"I think he saw you, " Tiffany said, chewing loudly of the sushi she was eating.

"Can you... like....not."

"What? I'm just saying!"

"Be quiet Tiffany."

"Okay sheesh. But, let's be real? Who would you rather, Fabian or Caleb?"

"Isn't Caleb married?"

"Is he?"

"Uh... well... I mean yeah he has two kids."

"Nothing wrong with that..."

"... Jesus Tiffany."

"Hey!" She yelled as I left her by herself on the table. I walked over to grab myself some snacks, grabbing myself a to-go box before I go back to the suite.

Finishing up with my stuff, I head over to the elevator and pressed the lower button. To my right, I heard a woman giggling softly and made a couple of k

I am." She opens it wide and passed her way out of the door. I heaved a sigh and tried to cool myself down from seeing her in those shorts.

Her butt was easily toned out, legs looked so smooth that I just wanted to scan my hands all over her. Her breasts were round and perfectly fitted on her tank top, it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra, which is so fucking sexy.

After my shower, I switched to my sleep shorts and went to my bed. I closed my lights, charged my phone and went my way to fall asleep.


Oh, Fabian! Faster! Harder! Don't stop!

"What's my name?"


"No! What's my name!" I smacked her butt, pounding my dick against it. I wrapped her hair around my hand and continued to spank her numerous times.


"What is it?"

"Daddy! Ugh, fuck you're going to make me cum!"

"Oh, Anastasia!"

I gasped loudly waking up from my wet dream of Anastasia. Quickly turning, I checked my phone to see what time it was and realized it was two-fifty a.m.

"Jesus, " I whispered to myself.

Did I really just had a wet dream of Anastasia?!

I couldn't believe I had to reminisce about her, and the nasty, vivid wild sex I wanted to do with her. She's only been with me for a few days and I'm already craving her.

It was probably because of the night clothing she was wearing.

Her round breasts, the bubble butt, and her beautiful golden tan legs.

I checked down there just in case if I...


I just got a boner.

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