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Anastasia POV


Fabian clicked on the 8th floor as the door closed itself, escalating towards the floor. I put my head down in shyness, thinking how the hell am I supposed to share a room...



To the first door on the right, Fabian placed the key on the handle and unlocked the suite for us to enter. Walking in, the room was a medium-size area filled in with a mini-couch, TV with a small kitchen area.

I started to wander my way to the bathroom and saw the shower heads, square-shaped with a divider in between. I went my way back and saw a dividing door that was connected to another bed.

Assuming it was mine, I jumped right in and crisscrossed, scanning my hands all over the bed.

Me plus Fabian plus this equals a big WTF.

''You should get ready, '' he said, placing my duffle bag underneath my feet.

''You could've given me a room, you know?''

''Oh, I know.''

''So, why didn't you?''

''Well there's not much space for you to have a suite by yourself.''

''That doesn't make any sense.''

''The placed was booked in already right before you came here for Fashion Week, and now that you are, you're just going to have to share with me.''

''Just like that?''

''I mean I am the boss.''

He shrugged and closed the dividing door. I grunted loudly and bounced my head on the pillow, arched my brows and let out a rough sigh to Fabian's little cocky mo

and found myself walking near the fountain. Walking backward, I bumped into someone on accident which made me immediately dive in to help them off the ground.

''I'm so sorry, I... I swear... I didn't mean to.. Gosh, I'm so so...''

''...It's okay, you don't have to apologize, '' he said.

My heart was pounding so fast and I couldn't believe in my eyes who I was standing in front of. He's scruffy beard was thick and fully connected, he was wearing a neat navy blue suit with a plaid pink and purple tie, showing off his sparkly diamond wedding band.

My lips were trembling with excitement and I was so starstruck to the man I was in front of.

"Excuse me, darling, " he said, giving me a light tap of the shoulder as I continue to stare in space, star-struck to the handsome man.

I can't believe it was him.

Caleb Bellisario.

[Authors Note: Caleb Bellisario is a cross-over character from The Billionaire's Ex-Best Friend.]

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