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   Chapter 7 07

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Fabian POV

"Fabian please!" Taylor said sobbing about wanting to go back with me.

Can't she take a hint?!

"I said no."

"Please! I'm begging you! I want you to give me a chance! I want you to see that I've been changing and—"

"— You know what? My mom always told me that once a cheater is always going to be a cheater. My mom raised no bitch. I sense that you're going to do it again, which obviously, that's what cheaters do. You cheat and cheat and cheat, oh and did I mentioned that you cheat?"

"Fabian, I swear on my mothers grave I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. It was a mistake! Please! Give me a chance."

"Get the fuck out of here, " I replied in my dark tone. She scoffs lightly and got up from her seat drastically.

Taylor begins to wander around, plotting an evil plan to have me go back to her. She took a deep breath and said "I see how it is Fabian. You will be mine sooner or later. I'm not going to give up on you, I will have you at my feet before you know it, and you will love me again."

I chortled and heaved a sigh replying "Yeah, let's see about that."

She scoffed again and stormed her way out the office. I turned my back around to the mirror and ran my hands through my hair with frustration.

The fact that Taylor said that to me really came to the conclusion that I dated a crazy ass white girl.

I can't believe I got to this mess with a crazy girl like Taylor.

Fuck my life.

The door was opened again and I assumed it was going to be Taylor. I let out a frustrated sigh, collecting my anger thoughts to cool myself down before I pop off again.

"Leave me alone Taylor!'' I barked.

''Taylor?'' A delicate-voice echoed. I turned my self around to that beautiful voice and realized that it was Anastasia standing right in front of me. My eyes widened to her new look, something a was a bit off...

Her eyes..... she wasn't wearing her glasses.

She looked absolutely breathtaking. He

ttends, gesturing to the pilot's procedures. We finally went off from the ground and roared to the sky, flying our way to New York.

On the ride to New York, I was listening to my trap music, closing my eyes on and off during the flight. At times, I caught myself lurking at what Anastasia was doing next to me.

She was watching The Originals on her phone, so drawn into the episodes of the show. I have never seen the show before but from what I was told by that lunatic ex-girlfriend of mine, Taylor, it is the best supernatural show on the CW.

I could tell how good it was by the number of times that Anastasia kept saying ''No! No!'' Every time the episode finished. It made smirked a bit just to see how much of a kid she was whenever it was finished.

By three in the afternoon, we finally arrived in New York City. All of us took a charter bus from the C.L. corporations and went drove our way to the hotel. There, I finally checked us all in the hotel giving everyone each their key to their suites and instructed them to prepare themselves for a dinner with the company.

''That would be all, '' I said, dismissing everyone as I was left alone with Anastasia.

She lightly cleared her throat and said ''How come I didn't get a key?''

''Because you're sharing a suite with me.''

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