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   Chapter 6 06

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Anastasia POV

"I look stupid, " I said to Alexis, walking out from the front door and went our way to the stairs.

"You look fine Ana! Why are you so negative?! Loosen up! I'm taking you out for a drink! Nothing wrong with that!"

"It's too much!" I said, gesturing all over my chest area.

She smiled and unlocked the doors for us to get in. "Be a hoe for a night, Okay?"

"Jesus, " I whispered.

At Blue Moon, I was at the bar getting myself to drink while Alexis was on the dance floor already dancing with a tall- dark skinned man.

It was a bit packed tonight and I was to myself by the seating booth, avoiding any contact with anyone by being on my phone.

Before I got up, I was halted by a young black man who had a drink in his hand. He looks like the same age as Alexis, 25, hair was braided in cornrows-man bun style, blue jeans, and a Ralph Lauren tank.

"Hello gorgeous, " he smirked from the side.

"Uh.. hello."

"A pleasure to meet you, " he took my hand and kiss it slowly on the back.


"Like Annabelle?"

"No, more like Anastasia."

"Mff, The name is Michael, Michael Smith, it's a pleasure to see an angel from heaven, walking on this beautiful earth-"

Before he finished his sentence I saw Fabian marching towards us. He tapped Michael to get his attention as I froze not knowing what else to do to see that the Fabian Lange was right in front of me.

My own boss is here! What the fuck!

Without hesitation, I walked away slowly from the two and quickly found my way out of the club.

. She waddled her way out of the area as I head over to Fabian's office to give him the file that I finished with last week.

Before I opened the door, the same ginger girl who was here last week left the office, crying again.

She fixed herself and gave me a dirty look responding "What are you looking at?"

"Your pores, " I replied.

Her mouth dropped as I walked into the office, closing the door behind me.

"Leave me alone Taylor!" Fabian barked. His back was facing me as his head was slightly twisted from the side, expressing his frustration to me.

"Taylor?" I questioned.

He whispered to himself and slowly turned himself to me. His eyes winded a bit to my 'new' look.

Fabian walked his way to home and target his eyes at mine. "Anastasia? I-I uh I mean um.."

"Anastasia is fine. You don't have to call me Ms.Washington."

"That would make you feel comfortable if I'll call you Anastasia?"

"Honestly... yes."

"Okay, I guess you can call me Fabian."

"I can?"

"Yes, you can Anastasia."

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