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   Chapter 5 05

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Anastasia POV

"Trust me, I know things more than you do."

That statement I said to Fabian kept repeating in my mind as I was on my laptop, emailing with the designers back and forth to this new collection that Fabian launched.

Was I fucking around with him?

Yes, yes I was.

It wasn't my intention to do so but he really was such an asshole when he said 'Not like I had one before.'


After hours on the phone with the designers and scheduling appointments, my day was finished and I was able to go back home from work.

At the parking lot, I restarted my car numerous times and still couldn't have the engine running. I slammed the door with frustration and let out a huge sigh.

This white Volkswagen buggy is so fucking old! Why did my sister have to buy this? It's a junk car!

"Fucking Lexis, " I mumbled, dialing on my phone and completely irritated to this old car dilemma.

"Is everything alright Ms.Washington?" Fabian said, walking his way to me. I slowly put my phone down and walked a bit closer to him.


"Is that yours?"

"It's my sisters."

"So you don't have your own?"

"Well... No, I do not."

"Let me h-"

"You know what? I should get going. I'm going to be late for dinner." I restarted the car once again, hoping that it would work with that stupid cracking sound. After a few more tries it finally worked. My heart was racing to what might happen if Fabian would've helped me.

I know I shouldn't let him get to my head but I freaked out because he's Fabian Lange, the millionaire. The way he stares at me, targeting every move I make puts this weird feeling in my stomach. Almost like he wants to possess me in his world or something.

Fuck what's wrong with me.

Fabian POV

I took a sip of my water bottle when I was exchanging my suit to my casual clothes. Anastasia left me alone to myself when I was going to ask her for help.

That buggy was so rusty like she drove through a thousand pond of mud. It reminded me so much of that one movie that Lindsay Lohan was in, that white buggy car and how dirty it was in the beginning. Yes, just like that.

I really can't believe she rejected for my help.

What did I do wrong?

"My brother, I've been looking for you, " Axel said to me. I gave Silva, my maid the nod to give me my space with Axel. As she left, I continued on to tying my shoes and placed my watch on my left wrist.

"I'm here, what do you need?"

"Oh come on, let's celebrate! You're going to collaborate with C.L. Corporations for this new collection. Let me take you out!"

"No thanks, I'm not in the mood—"

"Jesus Fabian! When are you going to loosen up?!"

"Yeah Lange, when are you going to loosen up?" Said Michael, my friend.

He was leaning towards the door and shuffled his way to me with a light laugh. I couldn't hold myself but to laugh with him and did our brotherly handshake together.

Michael and I have been since freshman year of college. We have been close since those years in college and did pretty stupid shit too. But, I never regret those memories with Michael because I see him as a brother and quite often a therapist too whenever I need some help.

But, I can't lie, the way he impresses women sometimes kind of makes me a bit jealous. Sometimes I don't even have the chance to introduce myself to a woman because they've already known who I am because of my extravagant life. Other times,

it always turns out wrong because of my persona or rejection of not wanting a second time with them.

"What are you doing here?" I said to Michael as he takes out a candy from his pocket.

"You should ask your brother."


"Okay, honestly. It wasn't about the collection, " he said.

"Seriously? Get out-"

"Okay, I lied part of it is, but, seriously I needed to leave my house. I haven't had any time for myself."

"Well... you signed up for the engagement, not me."

"Don't be mad."

"Who said?"

"Anywayssss can we go? Or do I have to listen to you both bitching?" Michael interrupted.

"Bitching?" Axel and I said.

"Let's goooo!" Michael dragged the both of us out from my room and head downstairs to the front door.

Before I left, I gave an order for Silva to feed my pit bull, Daisy and to clean the kitchen area.

All three of us were in my black Lamborghini, heading out to Blue Moon, the nightclub bar near downtown.

After twenty minutes, we arrived in the area and begin to walk our way to the bar, ordering ourselves some drinks

After twenty minutes, we arrived in the area and begin to walk our way to the bar, ordering ourselves some drinks.

"Shots, shots!" Axel said, chugging on his drink.

"Slow down, sheesh, " I said, taking a sip of mine.

"Well, excuse me but I haven't had that much freedom, so please let me be."


"Ohh the ladies, tonight! I'm gonna get some. Gentlemen, excuse me, " Michael said, excusing himself from us.

"See? Michael is having fun! Take some notes, " Axel said, after ordering himself another drink.

"Shut up."

"Brother, it's okay I get that you're a millionaire and you want to keep it in a minimum, but sometimes you just gotta loosen—"

Before Axel finished his sentence I spit out my drink and marched over to Michael.

"Rude!" Axel yelled from a distance.

Shit! Michael! Why is he talking to Anastasia?!???!

"The name is Michael, Michael Smith, it's a pleasure to see an angel from heaven, walking on this beautiful earth—-"

"—Michael?!" I interrupted him. Anastasia grew her eyes at me and slowly backed away from us.

"Ugh, damn it. Fabian, you interrupted my "The Most Beautiful Angel' speech!"

"Good, cause you need to stay away from her."


"She's.... she works for me."

"Oh shit, is that the girl who chews on her gum a lot?"

I let out a laugh and replied "Hell no. She's new, she's my Executive stylist. So, yeah."

Michael pressed his lips together and let out a chuckle. He patted on my back and said "Dude, the code is 'First Dibs' remember. You could've said that and I would've easily gave you the chance to get your game."

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Sorry."

"No worries kid, she's hella cute, can't deny it."

"Yeah, I guess, " I mumbled, even though deep down I know that Michael was right. 'She's not cute, she's gorgeous' is what I wanted to say but of course, I stayed mute, not letting my confession out of my mind.

"I forgot her name already."

"It's Anastasia." I took a quick look around the bar, finding out where she went and there was no sign of her whatsoever.

I heaved a sigh and continued on drinking as my mind was aching with my overthinking to Anastasia's name. Like a whisper from the dead saying her name to me when I was quietly listening to Axel and Michael rambling about the World Cup series.




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