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   Chapter 3 03

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Anastasia POV

"Just like that?!" Alexis muffled while eating a steak. I was back at my apartment eating steak with Alexis and talked about how my interview went.

I was in shock, not knowing what else to say when Fabian hired me on the spot. If anything I would've thought he'd asked me questions like ''why is important for me to work there?'' ''what inspires me to become a fashion stylist?'', regular common interview questions.

I couldn't believe I met Fabian Lange in person. He's actually very handsome.

In magazine covers, I've always witnessed how well he fitted in those suits, boxers, running gear, etc. His attraction in the magazines, the way he smirks lightly from the side, it causes me to be hypnotized to his handsome self.

"Coming from Fabian though? I heard he's very picky about hiring an employee. But, he was more interested in my experience with Tommy Hilfiger and my visits to different countries, " I said, cutting my steak then dipping into my steak sauce.

"Mph, " Alexis responded. Suddenly, Alexis's alarm went off from her phone which notifies her that it was time for her to go to work.

She licks on her fingers quickly, quaffed her lemonade drink and went out from the door.

I was to myself in the apartment, washing the dishes, cleaning the rooms, vacuuming, and reorganizing my closet.

After hours of cleaning and reorganizing, I took a warm shower, rinsing off my hair and shaved every part of my body.

Having a deep cleaning in your body is so renewing, it feels like you're living in a paradise island with a drink in your hand, listening to the waves crashing on the shore and the sound of the birds chirping in a thrilling tone.

I was out from the shower feeling refreshed from my deep cleaning earlier. I switched to my VS black sleep romper and placed my hair in a high bun. Then, I placed my pillows on my bed and started to take a deep sleep for the day.


The sound of my alarm went off loudly from my side of the bed. I checked my phone and realized I literally slept the whole day yesterday after my interview with Fabian Lange.

It was already eight in the morning an I got myself up from the bed to prepare for the day at Lange Corporations. After pampering, I went to the closet and took out my chose my outfit to wear on my first day at the corporations.

After spraying my perfume, I went over to the kitchen area and took a couple of bites of the pancakes that Alexis made

After spraying my perfume, I went over to the kitchen area and took a couple of bites of the pancakes that Alexis made.

"Why don't you stay longer and eat the whole meal?" Alexis said, turning off the stove and placed the bacon on a plate.

"I would but I'm going to be late for the first day."

"Alright, make sure you drive safe, traffic was so chaotic the other day."

"Don't worry I'll be fine."

I took the keys off from the counter and went to the car in the front entrance. Reversing, I drove my way out to the corporations exactly the same time as yesterday.

I went over to the receptionist again, who was gossiping on the phone and chewing on he

r gum.

She let out a huge pop noise and snorted so loud to the conversation she was having on the phone.

I cleared my throat lightly and knocked my knuckles on the desk numerous times. She paused and smacked her gum again placing her phone call on hold.

"How can I help you?" She smacked again.

Jesus, that smacking is so fucking annoying.

"I need to see Fabian Lange."

She clicked on the phone, ending the conversation and started to set up a pass for me to get it to Fabian.

After printing, she hands me a lanyard with a pass of my name on it.

"Same area as yesterday, make sure you knock before you enter, " she said.

"Thank you.. uhhhh.."


"Right, Jenny." She smiled again adding a pop as I went over to the elevator and went Fabian's office.

There, I knocked on the door couple of times before it was open. A light creak slowly comes out from the door which made me stepped into the room quickly.

He was in his chair with papers in his hand and scrambled all over on his desk. I sat down on the same chair, waiting for him to say something.

"You're a bit early, " he said, targeting his eyes at mine.

"Just wanted to show a good impression, " I said with a soft smile.

He passed me a file with a pen and started to instruct me on how to fill out my paperwork here at the corporations.

I looked down at the paper that was marked: Fashion Stylist Executive, Lange Corporations

"Executive?" I questioned him.

He arched his brows to me as I did the same wondering why the hell I got into this position. I wanted to be a regular fashion stylist for this company but didn't plan on wanting to become an executive.

"Surprised?" He said.

"Yeah, I mean... I'm not qualified for this position, I just wanted a standard position for fashion styling."

"As I said earlier, if I like something, I want it. And obviously, you have proven to impress me with your resume and intern experience with Tommy Hilfiger."

"So... I just got the spot?"

"Yeah you did, " he said, taking a sip of his coffee and leans back to his chair.

"Okay, " I whispered, giving him back my paperwork.

We both stood up at the same as he escorted me to my personal office right next door from his office.

It was similar to his, a bit smaller but quite similar.

"Meeting is at twelve, all of this equipment is for you and yours to keep. Don't worry about the phone, I'm paying for it, " he said, while I was scanning my hands on my white marble desk.

I looked down on the desk at the mini-iPad, iPhone X, MacBook Pro, and a couple of notebooks with pencils and pens.

To my left, there were black small cabinets with a marble counter below. Adding with a 72-inch TV, a small L-shaped couch with two neon pink bean bags, and a mini refrigerator.

"Thank you, " I said, sitting on the edge of the table.

"You're welcome."

"Apply a cold spoon or Aloe Vera to the sore spot." I jumped off from the table and let out a soft snicker to Fabian.

"Wait, what are you talking about?" He said to me as halt by the door.

I turned around to him and said: "You have a hickey."

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