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Fabian POV

"Get the fuck off of me!" I barked, shoving my hands away from Taylor's hands. She was wheezing, coughing rigidly while I crossed my arms together, aggravated to her.

I can't believe it.

She cheated on me.

Me? Who the fuck does she think she is? I'm not a side bitch!

"Please. Fabian. I'm so... sa.."

"Sorry?! For what?!" I replied, gritting my teeth and glaring at Taylor with agitation. She continued to sniff hard and shake her hands trying to touch me for empathy.

"I didn't mean to I swear."

"Bullshit. Everyone knows about this! It's even on The Wendy Williams Show!"

"Fabian. Please! I swear, I was drunk and accidentally kissed Angel, " she replied, referring to her ex-boyfriend Angel. Angel was such a bitch to Taylor. He was so controlling and rude, calling her a bitch making her feel super insecure about herself.

But for me? No. I never did that. I may be a bit stoic but I treated Taylor like a real girlfriend. Paying for her nails, taking her on my business trips to Seattle, Miami, and Los Angeles, listening to her gossip stories about her girlfriends.

I met Taylor through B.W.'s twentieth annual fashion show. She was one of the "It girls" in the show that caught my attention quickly.

I got the chance to talk with her at the after party and eventually made plans to see each other from time to time. Since then, we've been together for eleven months and two days.

I gave her the world, showing her off like a princess. Yet, she played me like I'm a piece of used toy.

And they say that men ain't shit. Tsk!

"I've waisted almost a year with you. I can't believe I thought you saw something in me like no one else does—"

"— I do! I really do baby!"I placed my index finger to her face, indicating that I had enough of her talking for the day.

"Get the fuck out of here, " I said in my deep voice.


"Now!" I yelled. Her lips trembled rapidly and she begins to snot slowly from her nose. I gave her that disgusted look and turned my back away from her.

She finally left the room as I continued to look through the mirror. From here, you could see the entire city of Tallahassee. High buildings, traffic, and people on the streets swarming around like little ants below.

I still couldn't wrap my mind how I got played from Taylor. If anything, I'd thought I would be the reckless one in the relationship since the past two didn't turn out so well.

But she proved me wrong.

"Mr.Lange your nine o'clock is here, " said Jenny, my receptionist. She was smacking her gum forcefully with a loud pop at the end to get my attention.

I absolutely hate when she does that. She sounds like a cow.


"Oh and I rescheduled the meeting for tomorrow afternoon."

"Good, now spit out your gum." She scoffed lightly knowing I was paying attention to that irritating sound of her chewing on the damn gum.

Jenny left the room leaving me alone once again. I let out a soft sigh and ran my f

ingers through my hair in frustration.

A few seconds later I heard the door shut in a sharp motion and I knew that I have to deal with this interview with a woman.

I could sense her coming forward to sit down on the black chair, preparing to meet me for the first time.

"Ex... excuse me, I'm here for my interview, " She said in a soft tone. That soft tone caught my attention and I couldn't resist but to see who the girl was.

Turning around, I saw the girl sitting down and nervously smiled at me when I walked towards my gray chair.

She was... gorgeous in a nerdy way. She had prescription glasses, a pink blouse that toned out her upper body. Her

Lips were small yet it fitted her perfectly. Brown skin, lioness hair with a beauty mark on the side of her cheek.

''Handle me your file, '' I said to her. She pulls out her file from her bag and hands it over to me. Lightly, I took the file away from her and begin to examine her resume.

Anastasia Marie Washington

Class of 2013 in Highschool

23 years old.

Graduated from Florida State in 2017 in Business

Has interned as a stylist for Tommy Hilfiger for the past two years. Traveled to Miami, Paris, Maui, and Seattle.

Repeatedly, I kept looking back and forth to her and her headshot photo down on the resume.

What is she? Hannah Montana?

One the photo, she looks so fucking gorgeous and quite different. Her makeup is glowy, hair straightened all the way, and that smile, my goodness is so radiant and very attractive.

In person, she's different. I can sense the same features from her up close and from the headshot but it confuses the hell out of me.

Is she too shy to embrace how beautiful she is? Or what?

Whatever the case is... I'm sure the next day she's going to turn into some Cinderella here at the corporations.

''Hired, '' I said to her. Her eyes widened, brows arch in confusion to without even giving her an actual interview. She was stammering her words to say thank you but couldn't put the pieces together to why I'd her on the spot.

''I'm... confused, just like that?''' She questioned.

''Yes, just like that.''

''But, why?''

''Well, you have an exquisite taste in your experience with Tommy Hilfiger, which is a really high-end company across the world. You've traveled to many places, I'm sure you've gained some knowledge and experience when you were an intern...''

''...You're not going to ask me why is it important for me to work here? Or... make you convince me to be part the stylist position..''

"I don't ask rhetoric questions during an interview. If I see something that I like, that impresses me, I want it.


''You're hired.''


''Ms.Washington, you're hired.''

She mouthed ''okay'' and got up from the chair, walking slowly to the door. After she left, I went back to the file and continued to stare at her headshot photo on the right side.

She's fucking gorgeous...

''Anastasia'' I whispered.

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